Equaling Trump: RE-ELECT Senators Perdue and Loeffler!



By Mike Smith

The two Georgia Federal National Senate runoff elections could invite one.

If either Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff (Leftist-GA) or Raphael Warnock (Leftist-GA) are elected, the Left stands to wield Marxist-Leninist control over the National Government in January.

Control as in, all three branches.

Of course, if either Ossoff or Warnock lose, the National Government would stay beyond practical help anyway.

But it would stay unable to fix itself on terms less caustic to freedom and states’ Article 6 rights.

Which is why all Constitutionalist Americans must now focus (or re-focus) on getting embattled National Senate Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler re-elected.

For the short-term, these incumbents form the only national political barrier to worse top-down tyranny. From government-enabled thought crimes to the collectivist ‘Green New Deal’ – and everything else made to top-down-destroy (what’s left of) the US Republic.

Kinetic civil war might not end America… Nor would it be the worst outcome…

But it would enable the Democrat-Media Complex to push a fake peace that would be.

Of course, it’s unhealthy to believe the best-regulated civilians in the world would willingly surrender life, liberty or private property rights to a ‘gangster-size’ national government. To believe the idea is to royally lie to yourself – and foolishly think most people in America hold the same beliefs.

Ideas do not win wars.

The people who know their enemies; know who they are in light of their enemies; and which battles to fight and which ones to avoid – these are the winners who hold on to their victories into peacetime.

Despite its scope and reach, the Democrat-Media Complex does NOT know the rest of us. Not at all.

Yet Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock –and every other Marxist-Leninist Democrat threatening America– work to worsen the existing civil war beyond society’s understanding. Most Americans cannot grasp the true cost. The ability to imagine kinetic civil war (at home) is beyond majority belief.

If you are an American Constitutionalist, what you are willing to fall for is a question you cannot ‘escape’… Even if you want to.

60 years of weak, mediocre ‘American’ comfort are over. For good.

The immediate republic-keeping task is to sharply support Georgia Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler 100%. These two senators are our short-term ‘floodgate keepers’… Then it’s our turn!


Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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The idea that a Biden administration is Marxist-Leninist is absurd at best. More to the point, anyone who is open to that as a reasonable proposition would have to conclude that Trump is undoubtedly a facist and a nazi.

Michael A.

Biden is just a corrupt doofus. It’s the nuts behind the curtain America should be weary of. The kind of nuts that were smart enough to steal an election and have a corrupt media try and validate it….so far. In any case, William should know by now that calling an American politician “nazi” is as empty as Old Joe’s skull.

Last edited 10 months ago by Michael A.

Not to mention bad loser. Trump is essentially a walking character flaw. The fact that he was even competitive is a sad indictment on the electorate. The fact he lost is its saving grace.

Citizen Reporter

Your conclusion is even more absurd. Happy Thanksgiving.