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    Tulsi’s Comparison Of Dems To Nazis Was On Target

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    Democrats? Joe Biden? Adolf Hitler?

    Fair comparison?

    Yes – you better believe it.

    Identity politics is all the same.

    Democrats also win the prize on and gender – something that never occurred to the Nazis.

    And that is all Tulsi Gabbard did. She told the truth, once again, about Biden and Democrats. Remember, she’s a former Democrat and former Democratic presidential candidate.

    Last week Gabbard hit out at “identity politics” across the Democratic Party, which she claimed was “proud” to appoint people to federal posts based on their race and gender.

    The 41-year-old called the trend “sickening and alarming,” claiming it echoed the core principles of Nazism. It is the second time she has compared Biden to the German dictator on the Jesse Watters show on Fox.

    “Jesse, what we are seeing is their philosophy identity politics,” Gabbard said. “This is one of the reasons I left the Democratic Party. You see how their agenda of identity politics directly undermines the traditional democratic values that were expressed beautifully and clearly by Dr. Martin Luther King, that we should judge each other not based on the color of our skin but based on our character.”

    The Democrats are not too “woke,” as she told Watters. They are barely awake.

    Her latest jab comes after Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sparked backlash on Thursday when she said the president was prioritizing diversity when considering who to nominate for vice chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

    Since leaving the Democratic Party last year, Gabbard has been a vocal critic of Biden’s leadership.

    This month it was announced she is set to publish a memoir based on her experiences in the Democratic Party.

    “You look at the core values and core principles of Adolf Hitler and Nazism – what is it based on? It’s based on genetics this philosophy of geneticism and discriminating based on their genes,” she said Friday.

    Gabbard compared the current president to Adolf Hitler, claiming the concept of diversity hires invoked the principles of Nazism.

    “When they are standing there, saying we are proud to be selecting people solely based on race, that is alarming to me so many levels,” she said. “You see them, oh we’re going to select someone based on their race, based on their gender, these immutable characteristics that we are born with. This goes against, again, the very vision our founders had for us.”

    Back in October, the former congresswoman told a rally in New Hampshire: “I’m pretty sure they all believe they’re doing what’s best. Even Hitler thought he was doing what was best for Germany, right? For the German race. In his own mind, he found a way to justify the means to meet his end.”

    Jean-Pierre was asked on Thursday about President Biden’s selection process for the Federal Reserve post.

    “So, I’ll just first say that clearly filling that vacancy is something that’s important to the president, and we’ll certainly nominate someone in the near future,” she told reporters. “When it comes to diversity, you’ve heard this from the president, you’ve heard this from me, you’ve heard this from many of us here, diversity and representation is really important to this president.”

    But Fox host Watters appeared to distance himself from Gabbard’s Hitler comparison, saying, “I’m not sure about the German thing.”

    It wasn’t a German thing, however. Hitler virtually invented and personified racial hatred and phony religion.

    Democrats and Joe Biden are doing the same thing. In fact, they’re doing him one better. Not only are they making a mockery of the Constitution, they are making a travesty of God’s Word with the fantasy that there are more than only two sexes.

    It’s time to challenge all of this nonsense before there are any more elections.



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