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    Understanding the Deep State


    By Michael Greer

    Shortly after taking office in 1993, President Bill Clinton created the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development”. It created cabinet level positions to work with each cabinet department to implement the goals of the United Nations Agenda 21.

    President George Herbert Walker Bush signed Agenda 21 in July of 1992 at the Rio UN Conference. In October of 1992, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi introduced it to Congress.

    President GHW Bush was voted out of office the following month so it was Bill Clinton who imbedded it into every department in the government. 

    For those unfamiliar with Agenda 21, it is the UN’s plan for the 21st century. Nearly every world leader has signed in to it. This is important for you to understand. All of our allies are signatories, as well as most, if not all, of our enemies. 

    It is a plan that results in One World Government, with the UN being the governing body. It calls for the end of private property, privately owned homes, farms, ranches, cars, etc. It erases borders and ends nation states. The European Union was the beginning of ending nation states. Fortunately, we resisted the North American Union that would have erased our borders. However, the Deep State still assumes we have no borders because they understand that is the end game. It IS what we agreed to.

    Agenda 21 (now called the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) calls for ending poverty by redistributing the wealth of the Western countries around the world. It plans for all of us (excluding the elites of the world) to live in government owned apartments in 41 megacities in 9 regions. All of us using public transportation. Other than the megacities, most of the rest of the world would be “No human use”. 

    When Clinton created his council on Sustainable Development what kind of people do you suppose he would appoint? Primarily two types. The Climate Alarmists who passionately believe it is necessary for us to completely reorder our lives to prevent the destruction of the planet and the Globalist/Marxists who know Agenda 21 is the best, fastest way to accomplish the New World Order. The Marxists may or may not believe man is destroying the planet but AGW serves their purposes. 

    The EPA, filled with Climate Alarmists, used regulations to take over private property without compensation. “Navigable Waters” allowed the EPA to prevent people building on their land if rain left a puddle on it. The UN Wildlands Agreement allowed them to designate wildlife corridors through private property that prevents the owner from using that land and without compensating them for their lost property. 

    The “President’s Council for Sustainable Development” has been working feverishly the last 27 years along with the career civil servants and diplomats in the government. It has been understood by these career civil servants (Deep State) that the United States should be disadvantaged in trade deals because we are too successful and it isn’t fair. It has been understood that the United States should pay the bulk of the NATO budget and UN budget. This is all part of the redistribution of wealth. And these policies have transcended each administration. 

    I remember George Bush saying Presidents had little ability to make changes. I suspect he was referring to the unelected, permanent civil servants (Deep State). Certainly several policies he wanted to implement, like privatizing part of social security, were quickly shot down. Trump is the first President to not accept the status quo. 

    These career civil servants, career diplomats have spent decades forging relationships with their counterparts in other countries. They have developed friendships and comfortable working relationships. Everyone has pretty much been on the same page. Democrat administrations and Republican administrations all knew the plan.  

    Then Trump was elected and all that changed. Trump wasn’t having it. He wasn’t going to accept the United States being taken advantage of. He pulled us out of the Paris Agreement but found it wasn’t that easy. Obama made sure the next President couldn’t easily pull out. We had to wait until this month to “officially” pull out and then it doesn’t take effect until next year. If Trump were to lose the election the next President could immediately re-enter. It is easy to enter and very hard to exit.

    Trump started renegotiating trade agreements. He said he was going to secure our border. He moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He appointed Pruitt, a climate skeptic, to head the EPA. He pulled out of the Iran deal. OMG! He was wrecking all this work the Career Deep State had put in place. He was reversing course on the world wide march toward global governance. He can’t do that!! They can’t let him.  And, of course, since Agenda 21 is a world wide agreement the Deep State diplomats are getting push back from their counterparts in other countries. How dare America Change direction!!

    Ukrainian Ambassador Taylor testified that he was alarmed by Trump’s “departure from US policy”. Yes, Trump was departing from the past US policy…..AS IS HIS RIGHT. Presidents make US policy not career diplomats. Past US policy put the Untied States at a disadvantage. It put American citizens at a disadvantage. This may have been the policy since WWII but Trump was determined to end it. He ran on putting America first. “We the People” elected him to put America first. 

    Nikki Haley said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chief of Staff  John Kelly (both work at the pleasure of the President) approached her to help them reign in or remove Trump. Wouldn’t that be called a coup? They were upset he pulled out of the Paris Agreement, the Iran Deal and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. They thought people would die if we did those things. People didn’t die. Every President in my memory has promised to move the Embassy to Jerusalem but never did it. I suspect the Deep State told them it was impossible. 

    Our government is filled with Career Civil Servants (Deep State) that have been there for decades. It’s nearly impossible to fire them so they are simply transferred to different departments if they do something employees in the private sector would be fired for. Our friend Trevor Loudon wrote a very thick book about how many Marxist/Communists are in our government. These people and their AGW Alarmists take their philosophy from department to department with the support and direction of the members of the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development”. 

    This is simply how things are done but Trump is wrecking it. Once Trump realized the Deep State was working against him he worked around them. This is what is infuriating them. They are being made impotent. Schiff and the media made a big issue out of the Ukraine call being put on a top secret server. They neglect to mention that after the first two calls Trump made to foreign leaders (Mexico and Australia) were leaked to the media, all calls with foreign leaders are put on top secret servers. So, now they have to trot out people to give their opinion of what was said on calls. 

    A “Never Trumper” is going to have a very different opinion of what Trump says or what his intentions are than a neutral observer. This is why Schiff only wants us to hear the opinions of “Never Trumpers” only and the Deep State is full of them. Schiff and his minions know they can lie to our faces because they have cover from the “Never Trumper” media. 

    If Trump hadn’t been elected we would never know how deep and wide the corruption in the government is. We wouldn’t know US policy has been disadvantaging us for decades. I’d like to fire EVERYONE in DC and start over, but failing that we need to know the truth, have everything exposed, and insist our policies put America FIRST! 


    Michael Greer

    Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:




    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    4 years ago

    Locally, in Thousand Oaks City, the Council Members calling for “mixed zoning” is a precursor to agenda 21. Mixing housing with businesses will reduce the need for private transportation and will only be, at most, walking distance to work.

    But what kind of “housing” will this be? My guess is that it will be the kind of “affordable” housing that is currently called section 8 housing.

    Carol Hile
    Carol Hile
    4 years ago

    Your article is so well done and to the point that it may appear how easy it could be to change it all to a more common sense, open eyed view of our World but we know they have a few decades on us but i really don’t think they will get away with it. Why? because of the united States of America.
    As long as WE have freedom of speech and Religion and values which reflects the rights of ALL and are willing to continue to stand up and fights for our God Given blessings and the sacrifices made each day to insure we keep those rights……
    I admit it’s tedious at times but there is a pot at the end of the Rainbow. Thanks, Michael for not giving up .

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    4 years ago
    Reply to  Carol Hile

    “As long as we have Freedom of Speech and Religion”

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