Vaxxed Olympic Athlete Contracts COVID-19 Disease

by Chris Bailey

20 September 2021, Ventura County California

In a trend that is hard to obscure,  more and more Influencers who chose to vax are admitting to coming down with the COVID-19 disease post vaccination.

The most recent is International Swimming League member and Olympic athlete Madi Wilson.

“I am extremely disappointed and upset not to be racing alongside my teammates in match 8 here in the ISL. I recently tested positive for covid and yesterday was moved into hospital for further care and observation.” 

With an Instagram posting that reveals her arms bandaged at both inner elbows, she was either IV’d during transport,  or had an arm change due to her length of stay in the hospital, or a change in therapeutics once admitted.

Wilson further elaborated, “Even though I am double vaccinated and took the right precaution set in place through the ISL, I have managed to fall to this virus.”

Her double vaccination would put her either in the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine groups. Given that Moderna has been reported to offer better protective duration, it would be logical she vaxxed with Pfizer for this and one other reason. 

Ms. Wilson provided more insight, “It’s been a crazy few months and I believe being run down physically and mentally may have made me more susceptible. I feel extremely unlucky but I do believe this is a huge wake up call, Covid is a serious thing and when it comes it hits very hard.” Though this information is anecdotal, Citizens Journal has been documenting many Pfizer vaxxed individuals who have developed COVID symptoms, or extreme fatigue, or both in the months after completing the gene therapy double shot. Ms. Wilson revealed in her post that she has been pushing herself very hard, and her post vaccinated body pushed back.

Madi Wilson finishes her thoughts on the disease, “I’d be stupid not to say I wasn’t scared. I’m so lucky for all my family, friends and support people. I can’t believe how much love I have been shown and I’m forever in debt to these people….I’m taking some time to rest and I’m sure I’ll be ready to bounce back in no time.”

In this next week Citizens Journal will be presenting two groups of Pfizer vaxxed persons. Middle-aged Americans who are experiencing long term, lasting debilitating symptoms which occurred only after their Pfizer double shots. The second group are older but healthy people who developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease(CJD) shortly after Pfizer COVID-19 doses and passed away.

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo

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BruceBoyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

A vaccine provides immunity. If it does not then it is a failure. She had two? Clearly the vax of an extremely healthy individual did not prevent her from getting Covid, Ergo the vax is minimally if at all effective. Rather than take an untested ineffective Vax Ill pass. What is critical is that we have the liberty to choose. I will be the sheriff that preserves your liberty.

George Pattone

The vaccine is the variant… More proof emerging all the time…

Shedders beware….. And beware of shedders…

Resist the jabs….