Ventura County: Grass Roots Support for Larry Elder’s Gubernatorial Campaign

Oxnard Shores:

A Flag Truck was recently spotted featuring a tremendous display of support for Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder. 

The woman driving the truck commented that she’s trying to arrange a large scale rally to support the candidate at the Camarillo Airport.   No proposed dates or other details were mentioned.  Your Citizens Reporter News Photographers will keep their eyes open and will report public displays of support for all candidates in the Recall Gavin Newsom recall campaign.

By Citizens Journal Staff Writter

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kenneth calahan

larry please do not forget 2nd amendment we all need to change this state around concerning guns and ammo thanks I am a huge fan for years love to watch you and Leo so great i love to watch you 2 also the illegal voting has to stop


We need to VOTE YES to recall and replace Newsom- We need to unite behind the republican candidate who has the best chance of winning- we do not want to hand CA back to the democrats via the one lone Democrat who is running-

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Susan Aquino

Of course I will be supporting my Libertarian candidate Jeff Hewitt, but Larry would be great too. Recall Gavin!

Michael A...

Supporting and Voting for Larry Elder. Thank You Larry Elder!

Mike Smith

If Gavin Newsom is not replaced as Governor, there will be nothing to stop him from shutting down California again. Or worse.

This alone is enough reason to replace Newsom with Larry Elder.


I’m gonna vote for Larry Elder cause he supports the America First agenda and the America First, the Conservative Judeo-Christian MAGA movement. He would be great GOP CA governor, We The People will work together with the future governor Larry Elder will Make California Great Again and we will Make America Great Again


I prefer the woman entertainer who is running for Governor. We had such bad luck last time with s male entertainer Arnold. Go Caitlin.

Mike Smith

It is this stage one level thinking that has ruined the California GOP, nearly decimated the state, and made California the laughing stock of the free world.

And Caitlin Bruce Jenner (who is a Democrat with an ‘R’ after his name) has male chromosomes. Follow the science!

Chris Cheehan

How refreshing to have a real candidate to vote for this recall. Gavin’s advantage will be to split the vote on the up and down on Him. All Californians need to understand ending Gavin’s reign is the first of many steps to bring CA back from Socialism


Chris: if 50+% of votes are for Yes, Recall, then Newsom is OUT. And the top vote getter is then the new Governor. Many of the Repub contenders would be fine, I have a door stop that is smarter than Newsom.