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    Setting Brushfires of Freedom by Don Jans

    Ventura County Needs Your Help

    News Release

    This past week, the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting released their Annual Economic outlook for Ventura County, as well as historical data for the past twenty years. A couple of key statistics to be aware of that show why a change in leadership is necessary in the upcoming June 7 election:

    • Ventura County has had negative migration of people in 19 of 20 years. Only in 2010 was it neutral. This means more people are leaving for better opportunities elsewhere.
    • Ventura County has only one industry that has rebounded after Covid, while other large metro California counties are in full recovery.
    • Ventura County will show ONLY a .8% growth through the end of 2023.
    • Ventura County is looking to increase taxes to offset tax base loss

    Download Ventura County Executive Summary

    Recent event at Eden Garden with about 400 people in attendance

    I am the candidate who can turn things around because I have experience where it counts. I am a Thousand Oaks resident for 30 years and know our way of life, and also a business owner for the past 17 years and understand the negative impact felt. If you are tired of California leading us down the wrong path then join me in fixing it. Would you keep an employee who had sales losses 19 out of 20 years? Me neither; I would have replaced them a long time ago, yet they keep getting voted into office. Time for career politicians to be fired!

    I am proud to accept the endorsement of Mama Bears of Conejo Valley

    You have the power to fix Ventura County. Your vote is very important at the local level and your family will have a voice through me fighting for what’s right and protecting you from what’s wrong. To defeat the nepotism class of politics we need the citizen to show up in force. That’s you!

    The Fight for Freedom is not a one time event. That is exactly what we are doing with our grass roots efforts to reach voters like you. I am proud to be the person running and will keep fighting for our values and liberties.

    Thank you for supporting my efforts as we close in on the election date of June 7. Join me in fixing Ventura County and getting our recovery back on track. Will you make a small sacrifice to help?

    • Request 20 flyers and pass them to your neighbors
    • Put up a yard sign to remind people we need change
    • Make a donation to help fight for our values
    • Share this email with some friends in Ventura County

    Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and let me know if you would like for me to meet some of your friends or colleagues.


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    8 months ago

    Vote the bastards OUT !

    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    6 months ago
    Reply to  Tommy

    We tried, but we apparently got Dominioned again…
    We got Ascencion as Clerk with ZERO PUBLUC SUPPORT (hmmmm, just like Biden) instead of a QUALIFIED OUTSIDER (Hargleroad) so “the machine(s)” worked their magic again, and Ventura County appears to be poised for a similar decline that has taken our neighbor to the South down, namely Los Angeles…

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