Ventura County Public Works Agency-Watershed Protection Seeks to Alleviate Flooding with tšumaš Creek Improvements

Work will extend from Hueneme Road to Jane Drive. The contractor will begin mobilizing and construction will commence the Monday after New Year’s Day. 

Ventura County Public Works Agency-Watershed Protection (VCPWA-WP) is working to reduce potential flood risk from Hueneme Road to Jane Drive with the tšumaš Creek improvement project.

The project, which is scheduled to be completed by late November 2021, will enlarge 870 linear feet of the channel in preparation for the one percent annual chance, or 100-year, flood. A portion of the enlarged channel (710 feet) will be converted to a buried reinforced concrete box culvert, which will help to prevent dumping or trash blowing into that segment of the channel.

In addition, full capture devices (FCD) will be installed in three storm drain catchment basins along J Street between Hueneme Road and Jane Drive to trap trash and prevent entry into tšumaš Creek and ultimately into Ormond Lagoon. The City of Oxnard will clean out the FCDs quarterly.

“Our goal with this project is to not only help reduce the flood threat but also to prevent trash and debris from entering the channel,” said Glenn Shephard, director of VCPWA-WP. “We hope that with the implementation of this project, we will assist in improving our communities for future generations. The channel cover will provide the City of Oxnard a canvas on which to create a possible linear parkway if future funding becomes available.”

While the construction may cause street parking on J Street to be unavailable for all or a portion of the construction period, all private driveways facing J Street will remain accessible throughout construction. For plans and construction schedule updates, the community can visit

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