Ventura | Father confronts burglar in Children’s bedroom

Ventura Police Department – Incident Press Release

On  April 24th at 2:22 AM the Ventura Police Command Center received a call of an unknown subject inside the victim’s home. The caller indicated the subject was going toward the children’s room. There was a confrontation and a fight ensued. Multiple Ventura PD officers arrived and were able to safely detain the suspect, identified as Roman Salas, 38 years, Arizona resident.

The investigation showed that Salas had forced his way into the home by kicking in a door at the back of the home. Salas was unknown to the residents and was arrested for 459 PC Residential Burglary.

The residents and officers were unharmed. Salas was treated for minor injuries sustained from the altercation with the father of the children.

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Mike Smith

The increase in crimes like this is one reason Ventura County residents are increasingly leaving California.

It is possible a fight ensued because either the homeowner had no means of home defense, or feared using it for equal fear of wrongful conviction.

That no innocent was physically harmed or killed here is extremely fortunate.


We need to vote for harsher sentencing. No more criminal coddling! Throw the book at them.

Sara Evans

What good is our vote- so long as we have a governor who abuses his power and says screw the will of the people I want it this way?

Karyn maronde

That is so scary! I’m so glad the kids were unharmed. What is going on around here lately ? This crime that is happening in Ventura county lately is crazy and needs to stop! Announcing we used to be the safest city wasn’t a good idea as now our crime had tripled if not more! Thousand Oaks is no longer the safest city thanks to the idiots who put it out there!

Concerned Citizen

Vote out Newsom, Gascon, and others who are soft on crime and vote in people who believe in the rule of law. Prevent zero bail. Mandatory drug treatment for those convicted of a drug related crime. Stop enabling street living, panhandling, and predatory lifestyles by vagrants. Overturn prop 47, 57, and 109. If I ran for office that would be my platform.