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    Ventura Prohibits No Fault Evictions

    By Gina Harden

    VENTURA – December 2, the City Council unanimously adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting no fault evictions from December 2, 2019 until January 1, 2020, when AB1482, the State’s rent control law takes effect.

    City Attorney Gregory Diaz presented a power point presentation on the “Just Cause for Eviction” ordinance which “…requires residential landlords to have specific reasons or causes for evicting residential rental tenants.”

    During the November 18 city council meeting, community members first presented concerns that “rental tenants were being evicted” prior to statewide rent control taking effect. Some waited through a five hour long meeting to speak during public comment and others left comment cards.

    Matt Bellow, a public school teacher, discussed the problem of student homelessness and “eviction without due process.”  Following the meeting, the council directed the city attorney’s office to draft the emergency ordinance.

    Diaz reported that the emergency ordinance would provide “an affirmative defense” for renters served eviction notices.

    The Emergency Ordinance will clearly apply to any eviction procedure commenced after tonight as well as to anyone who has received a notice from their landlord, but the landlord has not filed an action in court. It is unclear if it would apply to those who have had a court case filed. This will be a matter for the court to determine.”

    While it was mentioned that the problem isn’t widespread, Diaz did cite tenants in a 13 unit multifamily complex that were given notices to vacate by Oaktree Property Management.

    Ventura’s already low vacancy rates were further exacerbated by the Thomas Fire and officials feared adding to the homeless population currently numbering 555 people. Ventura joins a dozen other cities enacting prohibition on no fault evictions.

    A plethora of residents came forward to speak in favor of the ordinance including many highschool students. Councilmember Brown told them, “You have someone who understands,” before forwarding the motion to adopt the ordinance.

    Video and Agenda

    Gina Harden resides in Ventura County. You can follow her @libertygrows on FBYoutube.

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    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago

    It sounds like Ventura City Council wants to make their city into the next Detroit.

    Sylvia Dickerson
    Sylvia Dickerson
    2 years ago

    My father inlaw has been in his house 30 + years renting from owner Marshall Fox Attorney in Santa Barbara Ca. The house a show home for housing development on Carr Dr one of the streets developed in Ventura
    Off Ventura Ave.
    My father inlaw was asked to vacate residence by Dec 31 or theirwould be a lock out enforced on him. I would like to ask why after 30 + years then serve a notice to a excellent tenant that at has paid you like clock work all these years a move out notice?
    Today after losing his wife 2 yrs ago and at age 83 this landlord that has taken advantage all these years never doing repairs or changing the carpet or paint since the house was built. Honestly all work done on the house other than supplies our father paid or supplied the labor to do the job. In the last 5 years Mr. Fox has slowly allowed our dad to fix or replace the house to bring up the value not to justify his rent increases as much as possible. All along our dad thought he was just being good to him by fixing the place up. When i first read this report i couldnt be more pleased that God had his hand on the hearts of those able to help make a difference. Our family came to Ventura County in 1956 from Texas. This is the only place he has called home since arriving here from Texas. I believe he has gone back to Texas 2 times and once to Az. In all these years.
    Please help him to adjust and find affordable housing before turning out the man who spent his life paying for your house the upkeep in order to keep the rent down and affordable. When he finally retired at age 77 his SSDI bearly covered the rent with $10 left to pay for the rest of the bills never missed work but 2 times in his life.
    What has he gained in life and retirement after all is said and done.
    I cry Elder Abuse as a large number of Ventura County residents are being priced out of their community that they have supported alot longer than we have .
    Thank you for your report it has truely been a Christmas miracle for our family.

    2 years ago

    Too bad it could not be retroactive to the date newsom signed that stupid bill.

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