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    By Naomi Fisher   

    Let’s review the facts:

    The Dems mayors and governors are doing NOTHING to stop the rioting, looting and shootings. President Trump keeps asking if he may send in Federal aide and those leaders keep saying “No.” 

    Legally, President Trump cannot send in help without those Governors requests. The Governors have control over their States. The President is there for requested backup.

    Under the 1st Amendment protestors DO have the right of free speech. Rioters do NOT have the right to riot. Looting is theft: A crime. Burning is arson: A crime. Destruction of property: A crime. Have the Dems mayors and governors forgotten those laws or have a higher purpose?

    Democrats are yelling, “Defund the Police!” Who do you call when your house has been broken into? When you hear gunshots? Your car or possessions stolen? Who will you call when there are no more police?

    The Leftist Dems are rewriting our history, destroying monuments and statues, anything that reminds our young how much we have morally progressed as well as what behavior to avoid to become decent human beings. We learn from history. We must value the messages from those that have gone before. 

    Zerohedge quote regarding BLM (Black Lives Matter): ““The plan is to overwhelm the population with a deluge of disinformation about their history, their founders, and the threats they face, so they will submissively accept a New Order imposed by technocrats and their political lackeys. …” – sound familiar?

    California’s Dem Governor Newsom, in declaring CA a “sanctuary state” has ruined it. As Governor he has done nothing to help the homeless situation which is out of control, has allowed protestors not to wear masks but locked down churches even when masks are worn. 

    Another example is Nevada’s Dem Governor, Steve Sisolak, who allowed casinos to be open 50% but churches limited to 50 congregants. In August he fined a church for holding services in an open casino – those present were observing health protocols. He called that church’s behavior “callous and dangerous” – in an open casino? 

    Believers need their houses of worship. Even atheists agree religion establishes a yardstick of morality and honesty. Without morality and honesty our riots and murder will only get worse.

    We have lost our decent education system. Common Core with all its other names destroyed it. 

    Our economy is tanked. And every honest Democrat will have to admit that the Leftist Dems are encouraging divisiveness among our citizens and residents. They are pitting relation, neighbor and friend against relation, neighbor and friend – destroying what we most treasure: our families, friends and…freedom.

    Just recently WI, PA and MT have banned the Green Party from being listed on their ballots. In MT the Republican party endorsed their listing.  Isn’t restricting our rights as voters illegal? It’s supposed to be our decision for whom we vote!

    It is obvious Biden is having cognizant problems. Why are they still running him? Someone should be arrested for Elder Abuse since there is no way he could be an effective President. And yet the Leftist Dems are rabid about promoting Biden to the point of violence.

    Sadly, a quote from an article in The Atlantic magazine, “Trump Supporters Can’t Admit Who He Really Is” – “This phenomenon has no shortage of explanations, but perhaps the most convincing is the terror the president’s backers feel….” 

    I received an email from “Team Trump” which read in part: “The Left will do whatever it takes to cover up for their CORRUPT Party leaders…Apparently the laws don’t apply to the Leftist Dems…This is what we have to fear if the Radical Left takes over the Nation in November. They will NEVER stop LYING to you. We can’t let that happen. We need EVERY Patriot coming together if we’re going to STOP them from taking over America.” I won’t spend time listing the crimes high-profile Dem’s committed that never saw much news. You know who they are. 

    Let’s talk about President Trump a moment. Yes, he’s made many mistakes. Yes, he speaks his mind. But he was never groomed as a politician to say what you want to hear. More importantly, he is not there to win a personality contest. He is there to preserve our Nation and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    For instance: When Democrat Obama was President he enrolled our Nation in the destructive TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). President Trump withdrew our Nation and strongly reminded the UN that the United States is a Sovereign Nation. If nothing else, that shows where his focus lies. A love for our Country. A strong desire to pull us out of this mess and start us back to being a solvent United States; a once again healthy Nation where religion is truly free.

    Part of President Trump’s UN speech in Dec. 2018, aimed at Agenda 21:

    “That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global government’s control and domination…you honor our sovereignty in return.”

    By now, it should be obvious to everyone that our Nation is suffering with an attempted Marxist/Leftist Democratic coup that wants to destroy it!

    It should also be obvious President Trump is fighting to preserve our Sovereign Nation.

    I’ll vote the Republican ticket. How about you?


    The Coming Coup, by Tyler Durden, Sun, 09/06/2020 – 23:35

    Authored by Michael Anton via The American Mind,

    “Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes…”

    President Trump goes one-on-one with Laura Ingraham | Part 1

    Nat. Guard – anybody they want, – they have to ask for help.

    Whitney: Is BLM The Mask Behind Which The Oligarchs Operate?

    by Tyler Durden, Tue, 09/08/2020 – 23:40

    Nevada Governor Fines Banned Church For Holding Service In Opened Casino

    Why Trump Supporters Can’t Admit Who He Really Is

    Nothing bonds a group more tightly than a common enemy that is perceived as a mortal threat.

    Democrats engineer removal of Green Party presidential candidates from Pennsylvania ballot By Kevin Reed 18 September 2020

    The Supreme Court summarily denied a request by Montana’s Republican secretary of state…

    Wisconsin Supreme Court keeps Green Party off the ballot …

    TPP Explanation

    Biden Gets His Trump Nickname and Stumbles Through His First 2020 Rally | The Daily Show

    See Video, not article. Trump’s UN Speech, Dec. 2018 “…you honor our sovereignty in return.”


    Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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