What China Could not do Through Business and Politics, it Achieved with a Small Virus



By Sigrid Weidenweber

Viruses, bacteria and fungal-driven illnesses have been plaguing man since time immemorial. But never has a virus shut down the entire world. Yet, China, with one small virus managed to eviscerate its enemy and competitor by turning a virus loose from its laboratories. Even during times of the plague, a sense of continuity prevailed, although it was achieved with many deaths.

I belong to the vulnerable group that the virus strikes down, and yet, I feel no fear. During a life time I have seen many flue episodes much deadlier than the one we now face and never has there there been such a crazed response to the threat. To me, it seems that mass-hysteria has the world in its grip, and I see how political groups use the virus to their advantage.

Common sense has gone out of the window. My age-group has always faced extinction through the loss of immune-system strength, knowing that, I, and my aware citizens have self-removed from gatherings, washed our hands well and often, gotten flue shots and survived remarkably well. What’s different now? Hysteria! Fifty-five years ago, working in a bacteriological institution, we tested commonly used sanitizers against standards. These were the results: the number one killer of all germs was iodine—that’s why the use it in the operating room. The number two killer of germs was alcohol, a knowledge known already to Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Number three in the tests was—you guessed it—soap and water. Nothing worked better than that. Stay away from people—six feet, wash your hands often and your face—twice a day—and quit worrying. It’s not good for your immune system. I write from Lake Tahoe, having shoveled a ton of snow and feeling fine, for real work and involvement will keep you balanced. Quit watching the news. Every channel glories in gloom and doom. It’s their bread and butter—it’s not yours. Go out, see the sun and live. Nothing will be as bad as the vultures, who feed on news-carrion, proclaim.

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion article.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

 Sigrid Weidenweber grew up in communist East Berlin, escaping it using a French passport. Ms. Weidenweber holds a degree in medical technology as well as psychology and has course work in Anthropology.  She is co-founder of Aid for Afghans.  Weidenweber has traveled the world and lived with Pakistani Muslims, learning about the culture and religion. She is a published author and lecturer. You can find her books on Amazon.com

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