When Will the Mass Murder by Public Health Authorities and Health Care Providers Cease?


By Judy Bruce

We are in a war of perception, not reality.   All we get from our Public Health authorities, media and politicians is propaganda, lies and deceit.  We are told to follow orders blindly.  But what we get is smoke and mirrors, and fear porn. 

Here is their narrative behind the fear: This is a deadly virus; nobody is immune and there is no cure.  Asymptomatic people are super spreaders, so we must lock down, wear masks until everyone is vaccinated.  Anyone who challenges this narrative is a danger to society.     

Here is our realty: This strain of flu presents high risk to few and negligible risk to most.  There are several available treatments.   Asymptomatic people are healthy, not biohazards—which was invented.     Lockdowns and mask mandates were never recommended; they tried, but never worked.  Instead, they caused great harm to the vulnerable.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of two safe and effective cures for the corona flu (Hydroxychloroquine ‘HDQ’ (c19study.com.)  and Ivermectin (this), Big Pharma, public health bureaucrats such as Dr. Fauci, medical associations, hospital and corporate medical care organizations, and the presstitutes have worked together to deny effective and safe treatment to “Covid” patients. 

It is a known fact that the mRNA biological agent– illegally and deceptively called vaccines– are dangerous.   According to the statistics from the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS ), they are showing massive increase in deaths.  Even if you believe the VAERS is profoundly flawed, it is hard to explain the jump in fatalities in relative terms, i.e., the same system produces different results.

Between 7/1/97 and end 2013 ( 16 years), there were 2, 149 deaths in the U.S.—all vaccines combined.   Yet, in the last six months, there have been more than 5,106 deaths reported in the VAERS.   That’s more than doubled the number of deaths in 1/10 of time.   VAERS is an FDA data base.  It is monitored by the FDA and collected by the CDC.  But in last week’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting , Supervisor Parks called the VAERS statistics  “nothing but bad rumors and bad information”!  Parks is either ignorant or complicit in a massive disinformation campaign.     She stays on “her script” by saying “we give credible information”.   This is classic applied psychology using emotive terminology with little or no factual reporting to support the statement.   Linda Parks is a disaster!

For many—especially youth—the injection is more dangerous than “covid” itself.    Yet despite the clear evidence, the propaganda has been turned higher to encourage (coerce, bribe, scare) the experimental injection for youth.   It is extraordinary that public health officials and medical care organizations are so incompetent or so corrupt that they value Big Pharma vaccination profits higher than human life. 

Many of these organizations notify doctors who treat corona patients with HCQ and Ivermectin that they are not following the health organization’s procedures.  Repeat offenders can be censured and fired.    In other words, doctors are prevented from using effective and safe treatments for their “Covid” patients.   It is an outrage that it is the doctors who save your life who are dispensable.  The ones who protect Big Pharma’s vaccine profits are the valued ones.

From the beginning Covid is not a disease, it is a business plan.  It has been a conspiracy against health and life. A whistleblower in the health care industry has even used the term “genocide”.   Her words were, “What I have watched unfolding within the health service in the UK is genocide.”   Covid is a profit-making agenda and an agenda for increasing arbitrary government power over people. 

There should be massive lawsuits and massive arrests of those who block safe and effective treatments and impose a deadly experimental biological agent with no long-term safety studies.

Judy Bruce is a local activist

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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George Pattone

Agree that Linda Parks has morphed into a disaster over the last few years and the scamdemic was pure political theater to accomplish what the multiple failed impeachment proceedings could not accomplish…..

The CCP is quite pleased at the outcome, now that “the Big Guy” has been installed as the puppet President…

C’mon Arizona…unleash the full fury of the fraud that you find… We KNEW that something was VERY amiss when Fox News called AZ 15 minutes after the polls closed…

We’ll see….


This is garbage