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    By Al X

    Who is the Enemy?

    I’m what is incorrectly referred to now as one of the unvaccinated.  I mean, I’ve never been against vaccinations per se and always rolled up my sleeve when told to do it.  I’ve made an informed decision not to get the covid jabs. Shouldn’t that be my right?

    It doesn’t make a me a second-class citizen – or your enemy, despite what seems to be the prevailing stance being promoted these days. Why is that?

    “This is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” I still can’t believe those words are constantly uttered by a sitting president of the United States, one who made promises – now broken – to never institute vaccine mandates. Health officials and mainstream media also spew this noxious sentence. It is an ignorant, derisive, and hateful collection of words designed to further divide our country into “us” and “them.” This is playing on fear, already ramped up to obscene levels by the same bunch. Try to imagine how unvaccinated people could possibly cause a pandemic. Perhaps they could help to extend one, but only if the mass vaccinations don’t work.

    Were we not all promised a return of freedoms after the vaccinations?

    Healthcare workers sure went from heroes to zeroes fast, didn’t they? How could these people work in the hospitals battling the virus one day and then suddenly, after exercising their right to body sovereignty and deciding not to get a vaccination, suddenly get terminated – many without unemployment or health benefits after taking this stance. Wow, doesn’t that seem way out of line? In the midst of a supposed pandemic? Think about this.

    Just what the hell is going on here?

    If you got vaccinated and are happy with your decision and feel protected, why should you give a hoot whether I or anyone else has chosen a different course? What are you afraid of? That maybe you’ve been duped into letting someone inject you with a concoction that isn’t what it is purported to be? Maybe you somehow heard – certainly not on World News Tonight –  about what is going on in Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet? Hospitals are teeming with fully vaccinated patients. Citizens there are now being forced to get a third shot or face expulsion from society over an invalidated Green Pass. Some there are less than thrilled about it. Does it not smack of tyrannical control and governmental overreach to you?

    You wouldn’t know it from the CBS Evening News but word “on the alternative street” is many experts believe the mass vaccinations are driving the mutant variant strains. Shouldn’t that at least get a mention on the mainstream? Funny how myriad side effects of drugs are always mentioned ad nauseum on drug commercials you see on TV. But when there is a spot for these injections, it’s somehow all good!  More people than you may think don’t agree with that.

    Seems many Aussies are getting tired of their government enforced lockdowns and dictates. Rachel Maddow is all over that – yeah, right. If it’s not about Russia or horsey paste…

    Again, I don’t care that you have chosen to get these shots. Yes, I believe they are not needed for a virus with a reported recovery rate of 99% among everyone except the very elderly and those with serious health issues. If you choose to ignore the government VAERS website listing 14,925 deaths, 91,523 serious injuries reported post-vaccinations as of 9/10/2021, that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Do those not seem like big numbers for inoculations so often touted as safe and effective? A Harvard study reputedly suggested that due in part to difficulty inputting data, VAERS reflects only a small sampling of true adverse reactions. Bottom line: a lot of people are being hurt by these formulations. For me, I don’t like the risk / benefit ratio. I don’t hate you if you took the chance. It is your right to choose to get the injections. It is my right to choose not to get them. Why is that so hard for you to accept?

    I have a hunch: you’re watching too much panic TV news! I find it appalling that a CNN anchor has the monstrous gall to advocate unvaccinated people should not being able to shop in grocery stores. And this story is inflammatory GARBAGE. Red Covid?! Does CNN want a civil war?

    Seems some heartbreaking stories are actually leaking into traditional newsrooms. Did you see what happened when a Detroit TV station asked for stories about the unvaccinated but was overwhelmed with the opposite?   

         If you can be made to believe in absurdities, you can be made to commit atrocities—Voltaire

    You’ll never hear it from Lester Holt, but the entire covid pandemic is based on bogus cycle threshold manipulations of the PCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2. That renders much of it a hoax. This “gold standard” PCR test is still being used to count cases, not even sick people and was never designed to diagnosis specific viruses. Healthy people rush out to get tested and a false positive test scrambles their thinking. Its inventor, Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Kary Mullis, specifically warned not to use it in this regard. His death before the plandemic hit was extremely unfortunate timing. If that’s a newsflash to you now, it’s past time to wake the hell up.

    Long-term tests proving that cloth masks work to prevent coronavirus transferal among people are as rare (nonexistent) as long-term clinical studies of mRNA vaccines on humans. Masks are markers of obedience and compliance, clearly unhealthy for people, as this Orange County doctor dramatically points out to a mayor.

    Do not listen to scaremongers Fauci, Collins, Osterholm or Walensky. Do your analysis.

    Are you aware that the CDS keeps moving goal posts to soften vax death numbers?

    Why all the lies?

    This is not about a virus.

    I believe the human race is on the precipice of enslavement by conscienceless technocrats and elites who have zero regard for the common man and believe they are superior beings reshaping the world as they deem fit. Governments are marching to the beat of diabolical drums being banged by corrupt health officials and the media. This is a long-planned attempt at worldwide totalitarianism, aiming to permanently shackle and enslave mankind, and it’s happening fast.

    There is ample evidence pointing to a depopulation agenda in play, being ushered in with unwarranted fear and lies to trick the masses into receiving harmful injections in the guise of vaccinations.

    Instead of fighting each other over noxious vaccines, we should be uniting to fight the real enemies. We vastly outnumber them and need to flex our strength in numbers.

    Spartacus is informed and ready for a fight – are you?

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