Why are they recalling two Camarillo Council Members?

By www.camarillorecall.org.

A group of concerned Camarillo residents have formed a grassroots effort to recall Camarillo City Council Members – Susan Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay. The group, made up of several long-time residents of Camarillo, say they were motivated last year after Santangelo made racist statements. Additionally, Santangelo and Mulchay co-authored a resolution for Camarillo to publicly endorse “Black Lives Matter”, a radical organization and movement that promotes violence to effect change and to “reallocate funds” aka defund the local law enforcement in Camarillo. In the December 2020 Camarillo City Council meeting, Shawn Mulchay nominated Susan Santangelo to be the Mayor of Camarillo. Group organizers say this action, in the midst of a recall, shows that he officially supports Susan Santangelo.

Rhonda Waidmann, one of the organizers and a native of Camarillo explains why she took action. “I grew up in Camarillo. My family has been here for generations. This is a very close-knit community that cares for one another. When I saw the false accusations made by someone who was elected to represent this community I could not sit back and watch as they divided and tore us apart. I knew we had to stand up and take action not only for my own children but for my neighbors, friends, family, and the local business owners here.”

The group needs to collect 9,475 signatures before the April 15th deadline. With 6 weeks to go, organizers say they are about halfway to their goal. Co-organizer Richard Lucas III said “We’ve had a tremendous response from the community. Each week, we set a goal for the number of signatures we want to collect, and residents have met or exceeded that goal. People don’t want to see Camarillo turn into another Portland or Minneapolis.”

Signature Collection Booths are operating on Saturdays & Sundays 10 am – 4 pm at both Vons, Ralph’s, Sprouts, and Trader Joe’s. There is also one on most Saturdays 8 am – noon at the Farmer’s Market.

John Spohn, another group organizer who oversees some of the signature booths said, “People come out to sign the petition and want to stay and talk. Most people tell us they have felt alone with all of this but coming to the booths to talk to other residents gives them hope. Our booths have become a welcomed central community spot.”

Organizers say all of the group’s efforts are funded by private donations. “Organizers, volunteers, and various local residents have all donated their time, money, and supplies to the effort. We have a public Facebook page, Recall Santangelo & Mulchay, and a website where people can read the petitions, get more information about the recall, find community booths, and make donations. A lot of people see what’s happening on social media and then come to our booths and ask how they can help. We’ve gotten some of our best volunteers because of personal interactions people have had with Santangelo & Mulchay.”, said organizer Steve Sullivan. To find out more about the recall effort or to make a donation, visit www.camarillorecall.org.

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Michael A...

Let’s be honest. BLM is a money making machine designed to drain the wallets of suckers. The co-founderess is a “Marxist”. Ha ha ha. Right now she’s enjoying her new 1.4 million house in an all white neighborhood. Thanks a lot suckers!

Mike Smith

So-called ‘American Patriot’ emoted, “People who think it’s [Black Lives Matter] a violent radical organization are the ones that see BLM and think “well, what about white lives?” and without giving any credence to historical brutality of police towards minorities. No empathy or sympathy for others, there’s a name for that.”

And here is the name the Marxist-Leninist Black Lives Matter front group gives itself repeatedly:




Complete with shady money:


BLM: Not American; not patriotic. But very racist and neo-Soviet.


This is the dumbest propaganda I’ve seen from this stupid website.


What racist statements did Santangelo make?

American Patriot

I haven’t found her Facebook comments that were quoted, probably out of context, where she said white people are racist and we shouldn’t be worried about building a wall when the real concern are white men. So anyway, the recall movement’s main problem is that she wants to defund the police, even though she voted for increasing police budget in 2020 by $600k. Plus their budget was increased previously in 2019 by $600k. So I don’t follow the logic for the recall. Oh and they need about 9400 signatures, but they’re advertising that they’re going for 12,000 signatures. Why!? The whole thing makes no damn sense…

Bobbe Nelson

Who is it but thanks Black Lives Matter is a radical violent organization?

American Patriot

People who think it’s a violent radical organization are the ones that see BLM and think “well, what about white lives?” and without giving any credence to historical brutality of police towards minorities. No empathy or sympathy for others, there’s a name for that.