Why Did the FDA Hire The American Psychological Association to Deal With “VACCINE HESITANCY?”

To:       Ventura County Board of Supervisors.  

From:  Ellyn Sutton, Simi Valley, California Resident



The FDA asked the American Psychological Association (APA) to assist them in managing pockets of “resistance to vaccines.”

The APA says it is critical that leaders across the political spectrum unite behind the message that the vaccines are “safe and effective.”  


They advise leaders to talk about vaccines as standard practicesas opposed to options, because people are more likely to accept them”.

Behavioral Science indicates that people are more likely to adhere to vaccine recommendations when they believe they are susceptible to the illness, when they want to protect others, and when they believe the vaccine is safe or at least safer than the illness, and when their concerns and questions are managed respectfully by “doctors and experts.”

Is it ethical for the American Psychological Association to be involved in a mass vaccination campaign?   Should an organization like this play a role in a democratic society?   Should the APA use its unique understanding of human behavior to persuade people on behalf of the government and big Pharma?

More importantly,  if behavioral psychologists helped shape the government strategy on mass vaccination, then in what other policies (like masks, social distancing and lockdowns) were they involved?  Were they promoted by these  “experts” to undermine normal human relations and inflict maximum psychological pain?

These questions need to be answered.

Surprisingly, the resistance to vaccination is nearly as strong today as it was a year ago.   So, despite the non-stop propaganda blitz, a significant portion of the population (30% or more) remains unconvinced, unimpressed and steadfast.

Of course, this is just round one.   Soon persuasion will turn into coercion, and from coercion into outright force.  We know where this is going, and it is going to be very ugly.  It is already clear that a dystopian two-tier society is starting to appear.

This is a crime against humanity, and you will be held accountable in the end. Personally, I don’t even know how you sleep at night.   Are you robots?

Source: 21st century wire.

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Al X

Such a fanatic nonsensical push to get the entire world inoculated with experimental gene therapies for s vastly overblown virus. Hmmm enough to make one suspect there is an alternative agenda at play.

George Pattone