Why This Libertarian is Voting for Trump 2020




by Raven West

I’ve been a registered Libertarian since 1980. Worked on every presidential campaign since Ed Clark and was elected Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ventura County 2018-2020. But I’m voting for Donald Trump in November.

Over the years, I’ve always heard the argument “Why are you voting Libertarian, you’re just throwing your vote away, you’re never going to win.” Supporting Libertarian presidential candidates was never about winning, the odds have always been stacked against any third party candidate beating the powerful Democrat/Republican machine as far as news coverage, or being invited to participate in the debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates certainly helped by adopting the exclusionary policy of 15% polling to qualify, a number impossible to obtain since NONE of the election pollsters even have us on their list; If the vote were held today, would you vote Dem, Rep or “other”? Other isn’t going to get 15%.

Unlike many die-hard political advocates, I’ve not always voted my party. I voted for Reagan, a Republican in 1984 and for Obama, a Democrat, in 2004. I really thought the Libertarian Party had its best chance of making a dent in the process when two elected governors, Gary Johnson of New Mexico and Bill Weld of Massachusetts were on the ticket, but we all know what happened.

So, why am I voting for Trump and not Jo (Jorgensen, not Biden) in November? Even if we believed that one vote doesn’t really matter, I’d rather give it to Trump just so he has one more vote over Biden.

Biden is the “Anyone but Trump” candidate. Period. At this point, the DNC could run a hamster and he’d be receiving the exact same polling numbers. Every speech, every interview from Biden is anti-Trump rhetoric, filled with fear and lies. While Trump is out there talking about his achievements over the past four years, Biden doesn’t mention even ONE that he’s accomplished in the 47 years he’s been in politics. NOT ONE! His record on what he’s supported has been horrific, if he wanted to tout what he did vote for, but I think he’s rather keep that all under wraps.

What is worse, is that any Biden supporter interviewed has no idea what Biden’s plans are for the county or even if he has any. They don’t care, as long at _____ (insert any Trump insult here) doesn’t win re-election. How absolutely stomach wrenching is that?

It is true, Donald Trump is NOT a typical politician. Throughout the 2016 primary, the news anchors were all waiting for him to “be more Presidential” whatever that means. Guess what? They’re still waiting. His candidacy was covered as a joke from the day he rode down the escalator – and the establishment never got over the fact, this outsider, this man who never ran for anything before, actually won the highest office in the country. And the DNC has been doing its best to get rid of him even before he took the oath of office.

Trump defies all political logic. His personal life isn’t that great. He never served in the military and has taken on more heat than any other President before him. And, he’s still standing.

Every host on late-night talk shows on Network or Cable, leads with anti-trump attacks. Back in the days of Johnny Carson and David Letterman, whoever the president was became part of their monologue and it was funny, now it’s just plain hateful. I’ve never been a fan of Fox News, and I don’t agree with a few of their views, but at least they report the “other” side with honesty and integrity.

Trump does what he says, means what he says and doesn’t apologize. Sure, he makes mistakes, tweets more than he should be, but he doesn’t take crap from anyone including reporters or leaders of other countries. I’d much rather have a lion than a pussycat in the Oval office.

I’m sure my Libertarian friends and my two democratic daughters will be upset with me. My middle daughter agrees with me, probably the only time she did, but this election is just too important to vote any other way.




Raven West is a free-lance writer and published author who has lived in Ventura County for more than twenty-five years. To read book reviews, interviews and preview her new novel “Vashti’s Daughter” please visit her website at http://ravenwest.net

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Paul Passarelli

In 2012 I was the Libertarian candidate for US Senate from Connecticut.

This year I’ll be voting for President Trump from my new home in Florida.

It’s a shame, because I’m very much in sync with Jo Jo’s positions. Plus she’d make a wonderful first woman POTUS.

But Florida is a battleground. Sun Tsu teaches us in The Art of War to know when to fight, and when not to; this is the time to fight.

I’m still a Libertarian, and I will resume my LP activities after the election, but for the moment defeating Biden & the Democrats is the priority.

Sandra Phelps

This Libertarian voted for Trump. I worked hard in Gary Johnson campaign both times but your right a lion is much better than someone who can’t do anything but bad mouth someone.


Good one about the hamster. Also note that it is likely the socialist Kamala will take over once Pelosi has old Joe declared incompetent.


Actually, presidential elections are probably the least important elections. Especially this one.

Sheryl Hamlin

I found this platform refreshing….. sounds good to me…



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I assume your vote for Obama was for senate in 2004?

Raven West

Oops, typo-o there!


I applaud you for being rationale and realizing that saving the country is what matters this cycle. Way to make your vote count! I mean, what good are you libertarian values in a country that no longer tolerates then – and that’s where we are headed if Biden wins.


Saving the country matters, and it’ll matter well beyond this ‘cycle’. Unfortunately the vote for one position in the country isn’t going to do that. The President, no matter who it is, isn’t going to “save the country” by themselves. I’d argue we could vote in a shoe and it wouldn’t matter.


Every voter is free to cast their vote for whomever they wish on the ballot. But in the real world of Presidential politics, the nantionwide popular vote count is utterly meaningless. The only thing that matters is who wins enough Electoral College votes to win the Presidency.

With that vital fact in mind, along with the fact there there is NO way Trump is going to win California’s Electoral College votes, given the extreme majority Democrats hold in this state, a vote for Trump in California is TRULY a wasted vote.

Neither Trump nor Biden offer any truly sensible policy positions. Both will continue to make empty promises. Both will continue spending us into financial collapse. Both will continue the insanity of drug prohibition that creates violent crime just as alcohol Prohibition did almost 100 years ago, wastes valuable law enforcement resources and disproportionately sends people of color to prison (and, sometimes, to their deaths) for victimless crimes.

In an episode of Meet the Press last year, polling showed that 54% of Democrats and 57% of ALL Americans believe a third party is necessary to straighten out the mess our politics has become. Independent-minded Californians fed up with politics-as-usual would be wise to cast their vote for the 2020 POTUS candidate who represents REAL change and truly smaller government: Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. When 5% or more of American voters cast their vote for a Libertarian POTUS candidate, the Libertarian Party will have major party status and the voters will get what they want: a viable, competitive 3rd party that offers a better, more sensible alternative than the red turd or the blue turd that will follow in 2024.

Paul K. Vallandigham, Secretary, Libertarian Party of California


And you’re the reason why many people think the Libertarians are but jobs.


“Nut jobs”

Michael A.

I used to vote Libertarian. Then I realized its useless. Trump is the only man in our lifetimes that is not a DC swamp creature. If you Libertarians had any sense you would support him unconditionally instead of syphoning votes to your next (failed) candidate.

Raven West

I know, Paul. I should have added a paragraph about the Electoral College here in CA that almost guarantees a blow out for any democratic presidential nominee. If you know your Libertarian History – In 1972, John Hospers (p) and Tony Nathan (VP) received 1 Electoral vote! That being said, while voting LP would be good statistically, I felt this time I just had to stick it to the DEMS, even if it was only an empty vote. VOTE LP in 2024!


I’d also like to add that Ron Paul received an Electoral College Vote in 2016.

Mike Smith

You do know the LP and secular libertarians are WHY the California Republican Party is lost to anti-Trump RINOs, right?

CA was not stolen by Dems — it was given away. Both the CA LP and CA GOP are to blame. From a fellow Trump voter FWIW.

Just Libertarian

I have to agree with Paul’s reasons to vote Libertarian over your childish impulse to “stick it to the DEMS”. I thought we were “The Party of Principle”. I voted for Jo Jorgensen for many of the same reasons given by Paul and supported the Libertarian Party. Make all the excuses you want for not voting Libertarian this election, that’s your right as an American. But, you really didn’t offer any good reasons to vote for Trump. You made a pitch for him. Do you really believe this President has “taken on more heat” than any other President? Lincoln had half of the nation rebel against him. James Madison had the British burning down Washington D.C. around him. JFK had to contemplate worldwide nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Being President of the United States of America is a hard job. Your article left me with the impression that your current political position is opposing what you don’t believe rather than supporting what you do believe.