Wiping away our history as they build a New America




By Timothy Bond

We have been witnessing ‘reform’ on the political and social Right since about 2009. It affects the GOP and it is responsible for new divisions and expansions of existing divisions – FACTIONS on the Right. We use terms like “RINO” and we call each other names. It’s ugly but ‘reform’ can and often is ugly and painful. How this reform ends up is unknown and as scary as it is necessary. The fight is over how to be conservative, as in how to conserve the Founding Principles in America, and to what degree.

Now, what we have over on the political and social Left is NOT ‘reform’, it is entrenchment. They are digging in, and getting closer to some deeper strains of anti-American hatred and rejection of the Founding principles. Progressivism demands this rejection, in order to reshape America under its own principles of using government to perfect us and all things around us.

I’ll save how historically misguided this is for others or other discussions. Just know that the demonetization of things like the confederate flag, historical markers on public buildings and more, are not simply explained as reaction to feeling offended, which is the useful popular cover. The central motivation here is that Democrats are now fully embracing Progressivism without any reservations. They have gone beyond simply dangling goodies through public policy like the Affordable Care Act (‘Obamacare’) or the major efforts of the past like Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, New Deal, etc. Democrats in general (not all of them) are now in engaged in tearing down the nation as we knew it.

So, no wonder it can’t matter that the Declaration of Independence Jefferson wrote had the central natural rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, putting America on a course to make slavery extinct. The Democrats in Connecticut won’t be admonished by Democrats around the country for this ‘scrub’ of Jefferson, because their ‘bottom line’ is that Jefferson’s principles could never allow Progressivism to be our new foundation. That evil slaveholder! [sarcasm]  If you don’t think this push will get very far just look at this Washington Times article: Democrats scrub Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson from dinner name

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Timothy J. Bond is a firefighter living in Thousand Oaks

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Citizen Reporter

Very insightful article

Mike Smith

The Left is beyond entrenchment.

The Left is institutionally embedded in all levels of government – and now engaged in a Communist insurrection against the United States – violently and (especially) non-violently/politically.

Here’s a question rarely asked: if the protests were hijacked by violent agitators and turned into riots, why did they all begin at roughly the same time >across state lines<?

For that matter, why is there photographic evidence of Black Lives Matter working with the Muslim Brotherhood-connected Council on American Islamic Relations (a Hamas front group) less than a month ago?

Do a DuckDuckGo internet search for "Understanding The Threat communist insurrection", click on the first link that pops up, and you will see the photo evidencing the CAIR-BLM link.


Don’t worry. We will get there without your help 🙂