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     By Michael Greer

    Seriously, I can’t take it anymore.

    Calling illegal aliens “undocumented workers”, then “undocumented citizens” is a perfect example. If someone on Right says something they think is wrong the Left calls them a liar. If someone on the Left says a blatant lie (Benghazi was caused by a video) they say they “misspoke”. Words and meanings are changed so often it’s hard to keep up. This week NPR put out a memo to advise journalists how to better frame their pro-abortion articles. According to NPR senior editor, Mark Memmott, journalists shouldn’t use “pro-choice” or “pro-life” anymore. They should use Abortion Rights Advocate and Abortion Rights Opponent. They shouldn’t refer to Gosnell or Tiller as “abortion doctors”, they should refer to them as doctors who worked at clinics that perform abortions. Abortion clinics should be called “clinics where abortions are performed”. They want to mislead people into thinking abortion is only one of many medical procedures done at these clinics.

    The Left has been changing words, terms and meanings for decades to confuse or mislead people but it is at the point of absurd now. In response to the numerous “Heartbeat Bills” being passed by states, NPR says a baby’s heartbeat isn’t a heartbeat, it’s a “flickering pulse”. And even better, a baby isn’t a baby until it’s born. Really? What is it? It isn’t a tumor. And abortion isn’t “healthcare”. They call abortion at any time for any reason a “Woman’s Reproductive Rights”. No one is removing their right to reproduce….abortion is. Abortion is preventing women from reproducing.

    The same people who publicize celebrity “baby bumps” and whether the bump is a boy or a girl, in the next breath tell you gender is a social construct and a baby isn’t what is being aborted. I don’t know how these people get through the day. They want us to believe that a baby, with a separate body, separate DNA, who in five minutes would be cooing in it’s mother’s arms, is a growth that needs to be cut out. If someone kills a pregnant woman at any stage of her pregnancy, they are guilty of two murders, but if a woman aborts her baby five seconds before birth, it’s not murder. How does that work? Liberals hold so many positions that are contradictory. I don’t know how they reconcile them all.

    The Left calls those who are skeptical that man’s activities are causing global warming, “science deniers”, even though science doesn’t support their position. Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” said as CO2 rises, temperature rises. However, though CO2 has been increasing, temperature hasn’t….for 18 years. Because it wasn’t warming the Left stopped calling it “Global Warming” and changed the term to “Climate Change”. How brilliant of them. Since we all know climate changes, they can blame every climate event on “Climate Change”. Rather than allowing a discussion of the facts from those who believe in AGW and those who don’t. The Left won’t allow any discussion at all. Most of the media won’t allow skeptics to speak. Chuck Todd recently said they would not allow any climate skeptics on his show. The Left  doesn’t prove skeptic scientists positions are wrong, they attack the scientist. They repeat the 97% consensus mantra knowing it’s not true. They pretend not to know 31,000+ scientists signed a letter saying man has little, if any, effect on climate. Or that the study responsible for the 97% consensus was based on a handful of cherry picked papers.

    These “science believers”, however, don’t believe there are two genders. They don’t believe DNA and X and Y chromosomes. They tell us there are more than a hundred genders. And that we need to accept this as normal. God created two genders, Liberals have created the rest and now demand we accept it. We need new pronouns, like they or ze or xe. In some cities you can be fired for using the wrong pronoun. We’re supposed to know what gender someone “identifies” as even if they change their minds the next day. We’re to accept it if someone “identifies” as a different race or gender. But at the same time, cultural appropriation is not allowed. No one can wear a sombrero or Asian dress or cornrows unless they are born in that culture.

    The biggest science deniers are Liberals who tell us a transitioned man is a woman. We’re supposed to believe there is no difference whatsoever between a transgender woman and a natural born woman. The Left wants transgender women to compete in women’s sports even if they haven’t been surgically transformed. Recently, a women on Laura Ingraham’s show said a transgender woman IS a woman. No, they aren’t. If a transgender women were to die in a remote area and all that was found was their bones, they would be identified as a man due to their bone structure and DNA. No matter how many hormones they take or how they mutilate their bodies, their DNA, size, and structure remain the same. If we explain the scientific differences between male and female bodies we’re called haters and bigots. We certainly can’t suggest some men may take hormones to qualify for women’s sports and later stop taking them.

    Child psychologist who report that most children who want to be a different gender change their minds after puberty are now demonized and discredited. We can’t listen to the experts. Kindergarteners are encouraged to transition. Parents are pressured to give their children hormones. Studies have shown many transgenders regret transitioning and the suicide rate doesn’t go down after transitioning. So, where is the science that supports this push for children to transition.

    And, please explain to me the value of having Drag Queens read to our children. Drag Queens aren’t transgenders. They are men who enjoy dressing like women but they don’t want to be women. I know a few from my days as a casting director. They dress like men when not in drag. Why do our children need to be introduced to Drag Queens? They are unlikely to encounter one in any other setting. I didn’t learn about drag queens until I was a senior in high school. I don’t think not knowing stunted my growth.

    I’d like to see the scientific studies that show the graphic sex education now being introduced to young children is beneficial. They are starting in Kindergarten and not just biology but life styles and techniques. Learning how to put on condoms. What they are teaching is not age appropriate. They are sexualizing our children and then expect them not to act on it. I’m dizzy from trying to understand the illogic of the Left. We can’t allow the Left to keep changing terms, redefining words. Western Civilization is not a wolf whistle for White Supremacy. Illegal aliens are illegal aliens. Non-citizens are “aliens” and it is “illegal” to be here without permission. Sanctuary Cities do NOT make us safer. Science is never settled. Skepticism is necessary for science, it is not anti-science. LBGTQ is not normal behavior, “normal” is what is usual and customary. Since the LBGTQ community is a small fraction of the population, their preferences are not “usual and customary”. Medicare for all is quality care for none. And there are two, count them, two sexes. But what got on my last nerve is their renaming a heartbeat a “flickering pulse” and saying a baby isn’t a human being.

    Michael Greer

    Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is: http://madderthanhell.wordpress.com/

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