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    WOW!!! CDC Completely Reverses Course. IT’S OVER!

    By Chris Martenson

    And, just like that, it was over.

    This is HUGE news folks. In bureaucrat speak, this is a near-complete cave-in to the actual facts:

    • No symptoms? No problem.
    • Vaccinated or unvaccinated? Same guidance.
    • Exposed? No need to even quarantine.
    • Students exposed? They can stay in class, what the hell, right?

    If you managed to maintain your integrity through this awful period of time, congratulations! You are one of the rock stars of this story. You are a solid individual who has courage and stood firm and tall when it mattered most.

    As for the people who didn’t, some can be forgiven. But many cannot.

    Those who could have and “should” have known better? The doctors who failed to utilize known and proven early treatments to save lives?  The public health authorities that locked people down and forced masks onto children’s faces without a shred of supporting science to back those decisions?  Medical hospital administrators who took the monetary bait and forced patients onto toxic and deadly regimens of Remdesivir and ventilators (again, without any supporting evidence!). The NIH treatment panel that still – to this daydoes not recommend vitamin D, or any of the other actual safe and effective early treatments?

    Sorry, not sorry, those people need to suffer real and lasting public consequences. Some doctors should lose their licenses. Some bureaucrats need to lose their jobs while others need to go to trial.

    I feel most acutely for those who got caught up and suffered terribly as a result. I feel truly awful for all the people prevented from being at a loved one’s passing, or who ,as a condition of continued employment, were coerced into getting Covid jabs they neither wanted nor needed.

    There are far too many tragic cases out there. Far too many young lives were lost and continue to be lost. I am angry that it happened and at the petty, ignorant bureaucrats who forced it to happen. “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is a thing now, and the attempts to normalize it by the press have left me thinking that those companies and journalists who engaged in this ought to be barred for life from ever being in the business again.

    Here are a few out of many such candidates:

    One prominent case of an avoidable tragedy was that of 17-year-old Sean Hartman:

    Dan Hartman is sure that his hockey-loving son died from a COVID vaccination, but he’s being told very little about what happened. The Ontario dad says he wants answers about the sudden death of 17-year-old Sean.

    “I cannot grieve him properly without the truth. It’s different if someone dies in a car accident or disease or suicide. This is none of them—this is unknown,” said Hartman in an interview on NTD’s “The Nation Speaks” program aired on July 30.

    According to the Beeton Athletic Association Cash Draw’s tribute to Sean, he began playing hockey at age 5 and went on to play for the TNT Tornadoes in New Tecumseth, Ontario, for three years before returning to his hometown of Beeton in his major Bantam year.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association implemented a policy that required players aged 12 and over to be vaccinated or risk not being able to play.

    Hartman said that Sean decided to get the shot last August in order to continue playing, as hockey was his passion. In Ontario, there is no minimum age of consent under the Health Care Consent Act, which means youth of Sean’s age can get vaccinated without parental consent.

    “So, on August 25, he had the Pfizer vaccine. And on August 29, he went to the emergency [room]—he had brown circles around his eyes, and a rash and he was vomiting,” Hartman said.

    “They sent him home with only Advil. The doctor didn’t do two blood tests that he should have done. I’ve been told by another doctor that he should have done them. And on the morning of September 27, he was found dead on the floor beside his bed.”

    (Source: Epoch Times)

    Continue reading at https://peakprosperity.com/wow-cdc-completely-reverses-course-its-over/

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal



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    C E Voigtsberger
    C E Voigtsberger
    1 month ago

    Masks! What a dog and pony show. According to 3M’s website, the N95 mask, the kadilak of masks will filter 95% of salt particles 50± microns in size. That means 5% of salt particles that size still penetrate the mask.

    According to another website, and it was one of those that have a title that is designed to lead one to believe it has some scientific gravitas, the largest CoVD19 virus that has been measured, including the spicules, is 150 nanometers. This late at night I forget whether there are 1,000 nanometers in a micron or just 100, so let’s be conservative and say 100. That means if my math is still working this late that the largest of the nasties is 1.5 microns in size. Oops, that means all of the little nasties get through the N95 mask. It says nothing about those flimsy blue things that a significant number of folks are wearing at half mast.

    I visited a doctor’s office today and the receptionist had a box of tissues sitting on the counter where patients who were wheezing and coughing could avail themselves of tissue impregnated by whomever had proceeded the current unlucky recipient of debris coated tissues. Seems to me if one wants to cut down on infection, even in non-plague times, tissues should be under cover to be retrieved and dispensed as needed and the box with tissues protruding from the dispenser slot placed somewhere other than right on the counter for contamination by one and all. Everybody has to belly up to the counter behind which the gate keeper waits with the tissue box front and center. Hey Doc, how about handing out those little individual packets of tissue so that every one who needs a tissue has a wrapped, uncontaminated supply of tissues for their use instead of an open box where everyone reaches in with their grubby paws to retrieve a tissue. Need a tissue? No thanks, I will just wipe my nose on my shirt sleeve. At least I know who has been pawing it since I put it on this morning.

    Sheryl Hamlin
    1 month ago

    It is not over until they let Djokovic play in the US OPEN!

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