You Can Transform a Life – Jasmine’s Story


We start at the beginning. With mental health care. 

Long before there was a COVID crisis, there was a children’s mental health crisis. And mental health is where everything begins. As we all experience the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic, more and more persons are at risk of developing mental health issues.
Our at-risk youth, however, know this fear all too well. They live it each day.  We see it when they arrive at Casa Pacifica for the first time. We live it with each child as we walk hand-in hand throughout their journey to mental health wellness. We breathe it every day as we work to provide hope and healing for youth that have been dealt a difficult hand early on. And it is hope that impels our youth to work toward new goals, a better future and a life that is fulfilling and productive. Such is the case of Jasmine and many others like her, who have come to Casa Pacifica for hope and healing.

Jasmine came to Casa Pacifica at the age of 14 after several other unsuccessful residential treatment placements. In her young life, she had suffered a tremendous amount of abuse and lived in an extremely chaotic environment, which had caused her to have a lot of aggression and various other difficulties. During her year at Casa Pacifica, she struggled with unrest and rebelled continuously. She had a hard time adjusting to the interpersonal dynamics that existed and would lash out. A few of her outbursts led to her spending a month in juvenile detention.  

During her time in detention, Jasmine realized the care and support she received at Casa Pacifica and reached out to her clinician and cottage supervisor. She wrote letters expressing her appreciation and how much she wanted to continue her stay at Casa Pacifica. She said she really loved Casa Pacifica and wanted to graduate the program.  Jasmine’s care team advocated for her to return to Casa Pacifica once her time in detention was served and the request was granted. Once Jasmine returned to campus, staff saw a tremendous change in her behavior.


Throughout the months after her return to Casa Pacifica, Jasmine progressed and became more of a leader in the program, despite her young age. She said she felt accepted and learned different ways of expressing her emotions. Her transformation led her to excel in school.  Upon graduation she was able to transition out to a foster home and continues to thrive and develop positive relationships with her family.

Give today to help youth like Jasmine
Overnight, the world has changed, but our mission remains the same. Casa Pacifica works to build the foundation for a successful life for Jasmine and the youth we serve by helping them create and sustain change in their lives that will impact generations to come.


Will you join me to make a profound positive difference in the lives of our youth at Casa Pacifica?
We hope that you and your family remain safe and stay healthy.
 Steven Elson, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Our Mission
Casa Pacifica restores hope, enhances resilience, and strengthens community connections for children, young adults and families at the most challenging times of their lives.
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