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    Goodbye Constitution Freedom America by Don Jans

    ‘You Must Be A Gun Nut – Closeted Liberal Women Embrace 2nd Amendment

    By Tyler Durden

    Protecting yourself from criminals is trumping ideology. From Tyler Durden at

    They may vote for lawmakers who would love nothing more than to disarm the populace, but a growing number of liberal women are embracing the Second Amendment so they can protect themselves.

    “Our society and climate is changing… it’s just better to be prepared for your own safety and protection. That’s how we feel,” said Laronya Day, who organized a lady’s shooting day at Fortune Firearms in Southern California for herself and six other African American women in their early 50s.

    “Do you have some friends who would be totally turned off by this?” CNN asked participant Charlean Ward. “Absolutely,” she replied. “That’s their choice; I’m exercising my choice.”

    Brandi Joseph, owner of Fortune Firearms, led the women in a two-hour-long firearms training course, where she taught them about everything from which handguns are best suited for self-defense, to loading and disarming techniques. The women repeatedly loaded bullets into magazines, inserted them into the gun, chambered a round, and then did it all in reverse, before Joseph let them move on to live firing at paper targets.

    ‘Definitely more closeted’

    Being liberal, the women have to worry about judgement from their circle of friends.

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    C E Voigtsberger
    C E Voigtsberger
    1 year ago

    Why did we have to go to another website to continue reading?
    I noticed that the comments on the other website were definitely crude and rude. Not the kind of comments I generally see on pro Second Amendment sites. Made me wonder about the folks who subscribe to that site.

    While the old saying, “God created man. Samuel Colt made them equal” is true as far as it goes, it has made women also equal to the largest strongest man walking. In a world without firearms, women would once again be the slaves of the strongest man in the ‘hood. The weakest woman with a .38 in her hand can overcome the biggest, baddest dude around. That is a fact that anti-gun folks try to keep hidden.

    It is also a fact that a world without firearms will not be a world without weapons. Mankind has used weapons since Cain clocked Abel with a rock. David may have knocked out Goliath with his slingshot, but he cut off his head with a sword. That is one of the few instances in history where the weak overcame the strong. Vegas always bets on the strong when it comes to non-firearms encounters.

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