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    Apparent Adverse Reaction to Inoculation

    By David Pu’u 

    I have been following a breadcrumb trail evidenced by presentation of a type of vascular inflammation syndrome some have experienced shortly after being “vaccinated” and has more popularly shown up in the Emergent Biosolution MFG serums marketed by Johnson And Johnson and AstraZeneca, and is being reported as “clotting”, which can lead to death  if not expertly managed in a timely manner.

    One of the apparent strains of CV-19 does seem to create vascular inflammation syndrome. Now we have people who seem to be presenting this malady shortly after inoculation.

    I have been reading up on disease processes related to prions this week. I suspect that this may possibly be the root cause of what this child and others are experiencing. The reason I suspect that is because the viral protein encase was apparently cloned in the development of the “vaccines” and is the contagion being presented to the inoculated’s immune system, along with the list of other ingredients, which I won’t bore you with, but are sort of odd and alarming.

    About prions:

    Should anyone be having adverse reactions post injection, I strongly suggest having a skilled Internal Medicine specialist on deck. Though I cannot advise on this, anti clotting protocol may also need to be pursued. Anyone who has been treated for heart or cardio-pulmonary disease would already be familiar with that.

    One of my close friends reported a case of deep vein thrombosis in legs and neck by a neighbor who almost perished as a result. Patient was an ex military female 38 years of age. No medical history of veinous issues at all.  Looks like she had a  recent vaccination on a VA visit. ICU and emergency surgery saved her life. 

    This really is a large scale beta test on the Public, and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would submit themselves or family members to this considering the serum not conferring immunity to the viral infection SARS2-CV19 creates and having the effect of suppression of symptoms. Symptom presentation is a crucial part of our identification and treatment of disease.

    In CV19 treatment, three of the very best protocols have been identified as being primarily effective within the first several days of presentation of symptoms.

    I know this is waxing long, but I had something happen this past week which further illustrated how precarious this mass inoculation program is.

    Our company Medical oversight recently warned me that staff who chose to be “vaccinated” ought to self isolate for 2 weeks post injection and present a negative result on a PCR saliva test before coming back to work in order to limit potential spread of disease.

     We have been doing interviews, as the company is hiring. In one of those interviews a highly qualified young lady came in wearing inappropriate PPE and I watched as she constantly fiddled with her mask. Then she stated that basically not to worry, she had just been vaccinated.

    It sort of caught me by surprise due to her young age, and I terminated the interview and said we could continue by phone and that we would like to have her back in a couple weeks after she passed the two week mark.

    Within 36 hours I had a low grade fever, sore throat, nasal discharge and was feeling exhausted. All symptoms of early onset of a viral infection. I self isolated, treated the symptoms with anti-oxident therapy and the nebulization protocol I had learned when I had Valley Fever. Three days later I was asymptomatic and returned to work. 

    I strongly suspect that the young lady was viral shedding. She said that she had no symptoms. Her appearance indicated that she was probably ill. Sallow, pallid skin, and the appearance of possibly having a fever. Stupid me for not picking up on that right away.

    But consider this. How do we ask someone the question? “Hey have you been vaccinated for COVID recently?” As an employer I am not even sure that we can legally ask that. Yet we sort of need to, in order to safeguard our staff and customers. 

    Sorry for the longish note. If you are getting this, it is because I care about you and want all of us to come through this terribly trying time alive and healthy. As this all progresses, it becomes ever more apparent that we are living through one of the largest scale attacks on Public Health and Safety the World has experienced possibly ever. 

    We are all really going to learn a lot through this, and hopefully the understanding we acquire will enable us to better serve future generations. 

    David Pu’u  is  a local businessman and award winning photographer.  

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    Al X
    Al X
    1 year ago

    Great read, David. Lots of deep dish food for thought. Hope people read and heed. Sympathies to you and any business owner trying to navigate through all the corona bologna.

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