Community Comes Out to Support the Camarillo Police

By Tim MacFoy

These photos were taken in front of Camarillo City hall on Carmen Drive around 5pm tonight, which was the start of the city council meeting.

There were still about a dozen people left at 7:45 p.m and five counter protesters/BLM supporters across the street.

All told from the start there were around 200 people in attendance to show their support for the Camarillo Police Department.


Photo Credits: Tim MacFoy

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Camarillo City Council to discuss racial injustice resolution, review law enforcement

By Michael Hernandez  CAMARILLO—The City Council will consider adopting a racial injustice resolution and review law enforcement policies and procedures as well as receive a Ventura County Grand Jury Report on Human Trafficking at its regular meeting at the City Hall Council Chambers, 601 Carmen Drive, starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 8. The City […]

Camarillo is Not Considering Defunding the Police

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Call to Action | Push back against Defunding the Camarillo Police Department

Call to Action | Push back against Defunding the Camarillo Police DepartmentEditor’s note: Please write letters of opposition to this and send them to the council. Councilmember Craven has alerted citizens to take action against this move. Council contact information below. Susan Santangelo brought this to the City Council at our June 10th meeting:  to “defund” the police department and to support Black Lives Matter.  She […]



Tim MacFoy is a resident of Camarillo

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Proud of Camarillo

I’m so proud of our community members coming out to support our law enforcement. Not falling prey to the political agendas being shoved down our throats right now. Speak up and speak out and support law enforcement. They put their lives on the line every day for us (ALL OF US) Without laws and enforcement it would be complete chaos.

AJ McMau

Judging by the signs and what i observed passing through it was a GOP rally. Who are they really supporting. I’ve had very limited interaction with local law enforcement. they have in my experience been polite and respectful. But I’m white and I’ve never violated the law. The police won’t be good until they break the big blue wall and rid themselves of potential bad cops before we read about them in the paper for beating or killing a minority. I personally had an acquaintance who became an
LA Sheriff’s deputy. I knew he was the worst person for the job. Fortunately they fired him before he went off like I knew he would against someone different from him.

People are stupid

Nice to see the mostly white population stand up for the truly marginalized group in their city. Its nice to see that masks don’t matter and neither do Black Lives. See you all in the already flooded emergency rooms.


The Camarillo Police Department is amazing and needs all the support the community can offer.
I thank the Camarillo Police Department for all they do for the community.

Andrew Camarillo

I’m glad the city of Camarillo will not adhear to the masses of defunding our law enforcement. We as a people need to stand up to those who want to collapse our nation. Not as individuals but united as one.


Police run well here. Nice place to live. So what’s the problem? For one, it’s residents are diverse but its local government paid workforce is not (example: ~90% “white teachers only” at the local Pleasant Valley School District- and yea, also blame their partner in crime, the Union, and a seemingly ‘diverse’ upper management that cover it up). Another problem I see here is can’t you can’t take “Camarillo’s support” seriously when this is a city largely comprised of government paid workers- ‘bought and paid for’ does not sound like a free thinker to me. It sounds complacent and a bit racist.

Terd Ferguson

The only blue life that matters is Sonic.
RIP Kosciusko.

John McHugh

Blue lives matter movement depicted.