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    DIY Christmas Bakery Decorations



    By Elizabeth Barletta 

    Discover a list of traditional Christmas desserts, Christmas baking ideas, and Christmas crafts! See our ideas for elegant Christmas desserts and decorated Christmas cookies. Christmas desserts 2019!

    This festive season we have got you covered by making a list of DIY Christmas bakery decorations that will make you useful. Simple classic designs that will wow you, your family, and your friends are handy to find. Our fruits cake designs are the perfect match for this year’s Christmas baking efforts.

    List Of Traditional Christmas Desserts

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpswwwpexelscomphotogingerbread cookie 1824760<span>

    It’s always wise to ensure that the festive parties are memorable with a good cake. To make a Christmas cake, you simply make up the sponge and feed it your chosen liquor (don’t worry, we also have alcohol-free versions!) over the weeks to get extra depth of flavor and then decorate a few days before Christmas.

    By now, you are probably set for the winter holiday season, and all the baking accessories are present. From your springform cake pan to a beautiful oven, you are set for a thrilling baking session. That’s why we are here to enlighten you on different holiday decorations.

    From the traditional Christmas cake decorations to quirky fondant figures, we have a list of traditional Christmas desserts for you. Not a fan of the traditional Christmas cake? We’ve also got alternative ideas for festive cakes

    Read this comprehensive article to learn more about Christmas cake decorations. Ready for the best Christmas desserts 2019 has to offer?

    Christmas Tree Cookie Cups

    These are some of the attractive and straightforward decorations that you can practice along with your kids. If they are really itching on helping in the kitchen, let them get busy by filling these themed cookie cups.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpsipinimgcomoriginalsd4a558d4a558795a82939f95c3b302a202bcb3jpg marked for free use<span>

    Sugar Cookie Trees

    These decorating ideas suit everyone, from children to adults. Start with a variety of frostings and different sprinkles. Also, you can include your kids as they can be creative with the overall decorating.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpshipshearstappscomdelishassets17481512162609 delish sugar cookie trees 3jpg marked for free use<span>

    Snowman Face Cookies

    This is one of the Christmas sugar cookie decorating ideas that are attractive and easy to make. This frosty, first of all, looks adorable and delicious. Try this cookie idea in the festive season, and people will appreciate them in detail.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpswwwmaxpixelnetShapes Star Snowman Gingerbread Cookies Stocking 1793561<span>

    Cutout Sugar Cookies

    This is an easy Christmas desserts ideas to adopt. These tasty cookies are straightforward to cook and can be ready in no time. You do not need to refrigerate the dough first and saves a lot of energy and time. 

    Perfect Sugar Cookies Recipe

    This is one of the most popular Christmas desserts 2019 has to offer. They are very delicious and come topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting. They also look attractive hence their massive popularity among baking enthusiasts.

    Almond Hazelnut Sugar Cookies

    Are you a family person? If you are, then this one of the most elegant Christmas desserts. Your family will go crazy for this buttery recipe. Why wait? Try it out.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpspixabaycomphotoscookie cookies nuts almonds ground 4598094<span>

    Perfect Frosted Sugar Cookies

    These are delicate to bake and require a lot of attention. Ensure that you transfer these cookies from the oven directly to a cooling rack to avoid over baking.

    Soft Batch Christmas Sprinkle Cookies

    They sound appealing even from their name. They have a straightforward recipe and are a no-roll dough. A lot of sprinkling is done to make them appealing. What not to like about this dessert? Try it out, and you will thank me later.

    These decorated Christmas cookies are ideal for people who love their desserts to be more of a frosting than a cookie. Try them, and you will be amazed by their taste and appearance.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpspxherecomenphoto1542457<span>

    Soft Batch Frosted Sugar Cookies

    They melt well in your mouth, calling for sour cream. This leads to an ultra-velvety texture that everybody would fall in love with.

    Christmas Pinwheel Sugar Cookies

    Children love these cookies. Kids will go crazy at the taste and sight of these colorful cookies.

    Christmas Lights Cookies

    The bulbs that are made of sugar make this recipe an automatic favorite for kids. What a better way to impress kids if not this cookie. You can use M&Ms to decorate more.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpslivestaticflickrcom477126857942418 7238e4dd74 bjpg marked for free use<span>

    Sugar Cookie Dough

    To make your holiday baking adventure quite simple, try this dessert. These cookies come with just one dough recipe, and you can create a dozen unique cookies. During the holidays, these desserts are always appreciated.

    Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

    To make these cookies more attractive, add some cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles. This makes these cookies perfect for a long epic holiday.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpspxherecomenphoto695445<span>

    Snowflake Christmas Cake

    This is a simple snowflake design that is ideal for cake beginners. They are also accompanied by a classy finish making them very tempting among cake lovers.

    Mary Berry’s Victorian Christmas Cake

    This cake dessert is packed with sought out and dried fruits, nuts, and sultanas. They are also topped with glace cherries and pineapple. We all love this cake recipe from the mother and Queen of cakes.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpsstatichomesandpropertycouks3fs publicthumbnailsimage2016101315easyfruitcakejpg<span>

    Three Tree Christmas Cake

    This cake is perfect for kids, especially during the festive season. The kids can help to decorate your holiday cake by using this design. With three trees complete with stars and baubles, it surely will be classy for you and your family.

    Igloo Christmas Cake

    This cake design couldn’t be forgotten on this list. If your kids have a phobia of eating fruit cake, try to tempt them with igloo cake design. They could add to it by making penguins.

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 10pt>httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons779Igloo and penguins 28345361687029jpg<span>

    Pleated Shimmer Christmas Cake

    This cake design looks classy and attractive. It’s also effortless to make. The cake comes with pleats that have individual triangles of Royal icing that you can layer around your shimmer cake. This cake comes fully packed with a wow factor.

    Final Thoughts

    Baking various cookies for Christmas is a beautiful way to spend the holidays together with your family. It’s one of those activities that require patience. It enables everyone to unplug from their daily activities to do something meaningful—spend quality time with their family. Ready for your Christmas crafts?


    Elizabeth is a gastronomic traveler, who loves to travel and taste a variety of dishes, she even tries of her own culinary specials, especially in baked goods. Elizabeth writes for pleasure in her blog – MyKitchenAdvisor



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