Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment

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This event finished on 08 March 2014

ImpeachSimiOverpass1-18Event Announcement

Enjoy our recent overpass video & Join us for the next “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” in Simi Valley, CA.

The last “State of the Union” speech should be ample warning that more of the same disastrous policies and rampant Impeach Obama VC 1 9-7-13lawlessness on the part of Barack Obama and his administration will prevail. unless drastic action is taken to curtail or end his unchecked reign. Evidently, our representatives haven’t gotten the message after 5 years, so it’s time to hit the streets. Come and help us make that point.

– Dave Howell, Organizer

Next event: Saturday, March 8th. 10:am To 1 PM on the First St. overpass of the 118 Fwy. Be sure to bring Flags / Signs (the larger, the better) Thanks, hope to see there!!! . 🙂 http://youtu.be/UaTU9XvPwyk    – 1/18/14 protest video:

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