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    United States Socialist Republic book by HG Goerner

    Focus On The Family: A Declaration for Life

    As our nation nears the terrible milestone of 50 years of legalized abortion—an era that has robbed an estimated 60 million Americans of their very right to life—we lament the extermination of an entire generation of talent, productivity, and potential. Now we face aggressive efforts to even expand this tragic practice. This is not progressive or compassionate; it is madness. Therefore …

    WE PROCLAIM that abortion at any stage of development represents the taking of a human life. Science, reason, and common sense attest to this. Because this is true, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must extend to babies in the womb just as much as to every other citizen.

    WE EMBRACE the indisputable scientific reality that life in the womb is worthy of protection from the moment of conception. The same DNA and genetic markers that testify to our uniqueness at birth are also present when we are conceived. Life in the womb is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Sacred scripture and prenatal science both proclaim this.

    WE DECLARE that legalized abortion is wholly incompatible with the virtues of compassion, freedom, and equality that characterize a healthy and just society. As state legislatures expand abortion up to the moment of birth and some leaders advocate outright infanticide, our culture’s decades-long embrace of legalized abortion has reached a tragic new low point.

    THEREFORE, as concerned citizens, we are reinforcing our commitment to speak up on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. It is imperative that churches, individuals, and communities—people of faith and all people of goodwill—work together to end this tragedy.

    WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, do hereby affirm our commitment to: 1) advocate for pro-life legislation at the state level, including a ban on late-term abortions and those targeting babies on the basis of disability, sex or race; 2) promote the end of government funding of the abortion industry; 3) vote for candidates who respect the sanctity of life; 4) urge the appointment of constitutionalist judges who will protect the fundamental right to life; 5) support both women in unplanned pregnancies and their babies through the good work of Pregnancy Resource Centers; 6) encourage and promote the beauty of adoption; and 7) pray fervently for a nationwide reawakening to the value and sanctity of every human life.

    Until that day comes, we will continue to push back against the culture of death. This is the moment we unite with one voice and proclaim, “No more.”

    We are pro-life.

    Thank you for signing the declaration and standing with us for LIFE!

    Your voice matters in the fight to reveal and protect life inside the womb.

    With the growing number of states allowing abortion any time . . . even up to the moment before birth, we need to take a stand. You can help by giving so that mothers considering abortion can SEE LIFE CLEARLY … And thanks to a match, your gift today will be DOUBLED up to $1.7 million!

    With late-term abortion legal in EIGHT states and climbing, abortion-vulnerable moms and babies need your help more than everJust $60 will be doubled today to two babies through the Option Ultrasound™ program.

    Your support will help us equip more pregnancy medical clinics across the country with ultrasound machines, targeting high-risk regions with 3D/4D machines to help mothers considering abortion see the child in their womb even more clearly!

    Over 54 percent of abortion-minded women who have an ultrasound and counseling choose life.

    Your gift today will be DOUBLED to give TWICE AS MANY moms a clearer view of their preborn babies so they can CHOOSE LIFE!

    (Editor’s Note:  Focus on the Family giving categories:  $60, $120, $240, $500, and $1,000).

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