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    United States Socialist Republic book by HG Goerner

    Politics | 2020 Voter Guide

    By George Miller & Debra Tash

    Regular readers may remember that Citizens Journal publishes candidate/proposition 

    endorsements/recommendations from as many different sources as we can find for Ventura County voters and some for LA and Santa Barbara Counties, since 25% of our readers now live there. Here’s the collection for the 2020 general election. We’ll update it as we get more! Our committees are still working on some local elections. Tell us what we missed and where to find it! Put your own recommendations in reader comments and specify why. Try to stick to facts.


    Candidate/Measures/Propositions info:

    Current candidates list: Ventura County

    State, Ventura County and Local Measures/Props

    LA County Election Info

    Santa Barbara County Election Info

    Remember, except for the first section, most of these are NOT our endorsements, but those of the organizations noted, as specified below…


    Citizens Journal Recommendations

    U.S. President- Donald J. Trump

    State-wide Ballot Propositions

    Yes on 20 & 22, NO on all others.


    US House of Representatives

    CA24- Andy Caldwell

    CA25- Mike Garcia

    CA26- Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

    CA30- Mark Reed

    CA37- Errol Webber


    State Assembly

    District 37- Charles Cole

    District 38- Suzette Vallardes 

    District 44- Denise Pedrow

    District 45- Jeffi Girgenti (write in)  ?


    State Senate- 

    District 19- Gary Michaels

    District 27- Houmen Salem


    Ventura County Supervisors

    District 5 – No good choice. Lesser of 2 evils is Tim Flynn


    City Elections


    City Council

    District 3- Aaron Starr

    Other dist,- No recommendations at this time

    Treasurer- Phil Molina (preferred), James Aragon

    Ballot Measures

    Measure E 1 1/2% sales tax increase- NO

    Measure F- Expedite Permits- Yes

    Measure L- Expansion of Treasurer Duties- Yes

    Measure M- Meetings requirements- Yes

    Measure N- Meet Pavement Standards or rescind Measure O tax- Yes

    Thousand Oaks

    City Council

    • Kevin McNamee

    Simi Valley

    City Council

    Mayor – Keith Mashburn (At-large vote for all of Simi)

    District 1 – Elaine Litster (North Simi Valley)

    District 3 – Dee Dee Cavanaugh (West Simi Valley)



    City Council

    District 3- Carlton Huss

    District 4- Tony Trembley (lukewarm)

    Santa Paula

    Port Hueneme



    School Boards

    Conejo Valley Unified School District

    Sandee Everett

    (still working on these)

    Simi Valley

      Rocky Rhodes

    Ventura County Ballot Measures

    Measure O- Cannabis Cultivation- No

    LA County

    District Attorney- Jackie Lacey


    California Globe analysis of the ballot Measures:

    The Good Ones – 2 for a yes vote

    Keeping Uber in California (Prop. 22)

    Making Crime Illegal Again (Prop. 20)

    The Bad Ones

    Tweaking the Classic Prop. 13 (Prop. 19)

    Massive Stem Cell Funding – Again (Prop 14)

    The Ugly Ones

    Voting Rights for the Kiddies (Prop. 18)

    Voting for Convicted Felons (Prop. 17)

    The Uglier Ones

    New Tools for Big Brother (Prop. 24)

    Letting Siri Release Criminals (Prop. 25)

    The Ugliest Ones

    Equality Is So 20th Century (Prop. 16)

    Biggest. Tax Increase. Ever. (Prop. 15) Prop. 13 Split Roll initiative

    For the full analysis: California Globe


    Gun Rights: Gun Owners of California

    AD 44 Pedrow-R v. Irwin(i)-D             

    Democrat: 43.1%,  Republican: 28.8%,  No Party Preference: 21.9% 

    Another difficult, but potential opportunity to defeat an anti-gun incumbent. Reps are trying to flip this seat.


    Ballot initiative recommendations from the Ventura County Taxpayer’s Association 

    No on 14
    Why we’re against it
    In 2004, California voters authorized $3 billion in bonds to create and fund the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to support stem cell research. The money is gone and the CIRM wants voters to approve another $7.8 billion including interest.
    Today, there are billions of venture capital and corporate dollars actively seeking to invest in stem cell research, thereby negating the proponents’ arguments that $5.5 billion is required to fund the CIRM’s efforts and overhead for the next 15 years.  Ventura County Taxpayers Association (VCTA) opposes this measure. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 14.
    No on 15
    Why we’re against it
    This is the treacherous “split roll” property tax, a direct attack on Proposition 13. Proposition 15 would repeal part of Prop. 13 and require reassessment to market value of business properties. 
    It would raise taxes on supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, factories, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, warehouses, self-storage facilities, major retailers and other businesses where Californians work or shop. Even the smallest businesses that lease space will face higher rents, or will have to pay the higher property taxes as part of their “triple net” lease agreement. Those higher costs are passed on to consumers. 
    Proposition 15 would raise prices, increase the cost of living and put countless jobs at risk as companies cut back or leave the state. The proponents of this measure are seeking to weaken Proposition 13, and we can guess why. They could come after homeowners next. Ventura County Taxpayers Association urges you to Protect Prop. 13. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 15.
    No on 18
    Why we’re against it
    Proposition 18 would change the voting age in California to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries and special elections if they will turn 18 by the date of the next general election. 
    While some states allow this, California is different from other states because under Prop. 13 and Prop. 218, tax increases must go on the ballot for voter approval. These proposed tax increases are frequently on primary and special election ballots. 
    Proposition 18 would allow high school students to vote on tax increases. This is unwise. The voting age in California should not be changed. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 18.
    No on 19
    Why we’re against it
    Proposition 19 takes away important taxpayer protections that have been enshrined in the State Constitution since 1986. That’s when 76% of voters approved Proposition 58 to allow parents to transfer a home and limited other property to their children without an increase in property taxes. 
    Proposition 19 eliminates Proposition 58 and a similar measure, Proposition 193, which gives the same protection to transfers between grandparents and grandchildren if the children’s parents are deceased. 
    Proposition 19 would require property transferred within families to be reassessed to market value as of the date of transfer, resulting in a huge property tax increase for long-held family homes. The only exception is if the children move into the home within a year and make it their principal residence. This is a billion-dollar tax increase on California families. 
    Proposition 19 contains other provisions to expand the opportunities for older homeowners to transfer the base-year value of their home (under Prop. 13) to a replacement home. This was on the ballot in November 2018 as Proposition 5, but voters rejected it. 
    Now, with a massive tax increase added, the price is too high. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 19.
    No on 21
    Why we’re against it
    Proposition 21 would change state law to allow radical rent control laws to be passed in cities that are already suffering from an inadequate supply of housing. 
    In 2016, California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office issued a report that found that expanding rent control “likely would discourage new construction” by limiting the profitability of new rental housing. Under current law-the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act-housing providers have the right to raise the rent on a vacant unit to market value after a tenant moves out. The same law also bans rent control on units constructed after February 1995 and on single-family homes and condos. 
    Proposition 21 would repeal this law and allow unelected rent boards (or elected rent boards) to impose radical rent control and regulations, even on single-family homes. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 21.
    Yes on 22
    Why we’re for it
    This ballot initiative, if passed would consider app-based drivers to be independent contractors and not employees or agents. Therefore, the ballot measure would override Assembly Bill 5 signed in September 2019, on the question of whether app-based drivers are employees or independent contractors.
    The ballot initiative would define app-based drivers as workers who (a) provide delivery services on an on-demand basis through a business’s online-enabled application or platform or (b) use a personal vehicle to provide prearranged transportation services for compensation via a business’s online-enabled application or platform. 
    More than one million Californians are affected by AB5. By a 4-to-1 margin, independent surveys show these app-based drivers overwhelmingly prefer to work as independent contractors with flexibility and control of their schedules. Eighty percent (80%) of app-based drivers work only part-time and rely on flexible work to supplement income and provide for their families. VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 22 
    No on 23
    Why we’re against it
    The main provision of the ballot measure mandates that each of the roughly 600 dialysis clinics in California have a physician on the premises during all operating hours, in a non-caregiving, bureaucratic role.  This provision alone would result in increased state and local health care costs, resulting from increased dialysis treatment costs.  These increased costs will be passed on to all of us in the form of higher insurance premiums and higher taxes for government-sponsored health care. The increase of patient costs and burden to the insurance systems may create a cascading affect resulting in numerous clinic reductions of services and closures.  These reductions would put an increased pressure on the remaining, operating dialysis clinics. 
    Further, This proposition will take thousands of practicing doctors away from their current patients and push them into bureaucratic roles at the 600 dialysis clinics across California – making it harder for all of us to get appointments with our doctors and treatment at our hospitals. 
    It makes no sense to require a full-time physician to sit around in a dialysis clinic in a non-care role, at a time when our doctor shortage is only projected to worsen. 
    Ventura County Taxpayers Association (VCTA) opposes this measure. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 23.

    The Ventura County Taxpayer Association is made up people who recognize the importance of government to our communities. Government should be efficient, effective and always transparent. If you would like to support our efforts, please click here to go to our website and join us . Thank you.

    Republican Voter Guide

    More Conservative/Moderate:

    VCTA 2016 Voter Guide – Ventura County Taxpayers Association 

    Ventura County Taxpayers Association:

    Venturans For A Responsible & Efficient Government (Don’t endorse candidates, Do discuss issues)

    Republican Values Center (in Simi Valley)Voter Guide Republican Values Center (RVC)

    Bear to the Right- Ballot Propositions

    Carl Demaio’s California Voter Guide

    Election Forum- Ventura County Voting Guide  (Craig Huey-  as of 9/30- needs updating)

    Other Voter Guides


    Robyn Nordell 2018 Judicial Recommendations

    Robyn Nordell Other Recommendations

    Ventura County Republican Party

    CFRW Ballot Measure Recommendations (not current)

    Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association


    San Fernando Valley Republican Club

    “Here is the list we reviewed in the last meeting with our board recommendations” …
    Prop 14, Funding for Stem Cell Research… NO
    Prop 15, Raise taxes on non-residential real estate… NO
    Prop 16, Allow affirmative action again… NO
    Prop 17, Allow Parolees the right to vote… NO
    Prop 18, Allow some 17 year olds to vote… NO
    Prop 19, Allow Seniors, disabled and disaster victims to
    take their tax basis with them when they sell their home
    and buy a new one… NO
    Prop 20, Restores previous penalties for certain crimes
    (roll-back of Brown leniency)… YES
    Prop 21, Rent control (again)… NO
    Prop 22, Allows ride-share drivers to be deemed to
    be independent contractors… YES
    Prop 23, Regulating dialysis clinics (back again)… NO
    Prop 24, Create new state agency and staff to enforce
    consumer privacy laws… NO
    Prop 25, Good arguments on both sides for this one… county party recommends NO, Susan Shelley suggests a YES might be better for this one.

    Ventura County Libertarian Party
    Prop 14 – No
    Prop 15 – No
    Prop 16 – No
    Prop 17 – No
    Prop 18 – No
    Prop 19 – No
    Prop 20 – No
    Prop 21 – No
    Prop 22 – Yes
    Prop 23 – No
    Prop 24 – No
    Prop 25 – Yes
    Measure E – No
    Measure F – Yes
    Measure L – Yes
    Measure M – Yes
    Measure N – Yes
    Measure G – No
    Ventura School District 
    Measure H – No
    Measure I – No
    Measure J – No Opinion
    Ojai School District
    Measure K – No
    Ventura County
    Measure O – No Opinion



    Ventura County Democrat endorsements

    SEIU- Local 721 (none shown)

    Voter Guides – Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California   as of 9/30 “coming soon”

    California Endorsements | National Nurses United

    Ventura County Women’s Political Council – Endorsements

    Sierra Club  Current

    California Professional Firefighters (mostly Progressive, not updated as of 9/30/20)

    Ballot Recommendations | – The League of Women Voters … (mostly Liberal)

    Communist Party USA  This letter basically says to vote for Democrats

    LA GOP: Candidates, Ballot Propositions  .

    Election and Political Party Contact Information

    Republican Party-

    Democratic Party-

    Libertarian Party-

    American Independent Party-

    Peace and Freedom Party-

    Green Party-

    Communist Party USA-

    Ventura County Elections- 805-654-2664

    Election Integrity Project- Monitors, counsels, litigates election integrity issues-

    SBGOP Official Endorsement List

    In this email, you will find a list of our officially endorsed candidates. Click on their name to go to their websites to support them. In addition, please consider donating to the SB GOP by following this link. All of the funds go directly towards supporting our endorsed candidates. Thank you for all the support!

    Santa Barbara Community College District
    • Trustees #2    Ronald J. Liechti
    • Trustees #3    Veronica Gallardo
    • Trustees #4    Celeste Barber
    Santa Barbara County Board of Education
    Santa Barbara Unified School District
    Carpinteria City Council    
    Carpinteria Unified School District 
    • Jaime Diamond
    • Jeff Weinbender
    Goleta Mayor
    • Roger S. Aceves
    Goleta City Council
    • Grace Wallace
    • Justin Shores
    Goleta Unified School District
    Goleta Water District
    Goleta Sanitary District    
    Goleta West Sanitary
    • Michael Simyun
    • David C Lewis
    Buelton City Mayor
    • Ed Andrisek
    Buellton City Council
    • Art Mercado
    • John Sanchez
    Santa Ynez River Water Districts
    • District #1    Lori Parker
    • District #1    Michael Burchardi
    • District #2    Steven Jordan
    • District #4    Mark L. Altshuler
    Santa Ynez Union High School District
    • Jeanine Robitaille-Filippin
    • Stephen Luke
    Solvang City Mayor
    Solvang City Council
    • Mark Infanti
    • Justin Rodriguez
    Solvang School District
    • Susan Durbiano
    Allan Hancock Board of Trustees
    • Robert “Bobby” Mercado
    • Suzanne Levy
    Lompoc Mayor
    • Victor Vega
    Lompoc City Council
    • Gilda Cordova 
    • James Ian Mosby 
    Lompoc Unified School District
    • William “Bill” Heath 
    • Gary Cox
    • Kathi Froemming 
    Santa Maria Mayor
    • Alice Patino
    Santa Maria City Council
    Santa Maria Joint Union High School District
    • Jack Garvin 
    • Gabriele Morales
    • David Baskett 
    Santa Maria-Bonita School District
    • Linda Cordero
    Santa Maria Airport Board
    • Debbie Morawski 
    Executive Committee
    Leigh Collier
    Bob Hudson
    Greg Gandrud
    Bobbi McGinnis
    Julie Bischoff
    Ed Fuller
    Chris Hartman
    Albert Mercado
    Ron Hurd


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    Clark Molster
    Clark Molster
    3 years ago

    Thank you, Citizen’s Journal, for doing the work a free press should be doing. I appreciate you, especially ahead of an election.
    God bless America.

    Mike Smith
    Mike Smith
    3 years ago
    Reply to  Clark Molster

    It is the only way to keep (what’s left of) the US Republic.

    We are where we are because of the Democrat-Media Complex, and the millions of ‘cheap grace’ Christians in America who –by not voting– vote Democrat.

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    3 years ago

    There are no good choices for Thousand Oaks City Council if you believe everyone has a right to an affordable single family dwelling. They all cling to the excessive open space city policy that keeps single family dwellings out of economic reach of median income families.

    3 years ago
    Reply to  William Hicks

    We like our open space…they built way too much here. But the buildings on T.O. Blvd are OUT OF CONTROL. So they havent been conservative enough!

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