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    Thousand Oaks Fundraiser Event for Borderlines Fallen Officer a Casualty of Politics- or More?

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    The October 6 event is now “on hold,” per Zore Foundation Founder

    By George Miller

    What precipitated this article were claims that a fundraiser honoring Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Ron Helus- the leading hero of last year’s Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA. was effectively sabotaged by Tim Hagel of the Sheriff’s Dept, who is known as the Thousand Oaks “Police Chief.” How and why he did that are the subject of this and probably many other articles. Mike Randall, the event organizer has made his grievance successfully go “viral” with Conservative media.

    The Fallen Officers which supports the Robert L Zore Foundation effective today will “Postpone” their Blue Bowl Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament for Fallen Officer Ron Helus due to, “Racism, Politics and abuse of power from Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin District 44 and Thousand Oaks Police Department Police Chief Tim Hagel. – The Fallen Officers group, 9-30-19

    Few events in Ventura County’s Conejo Valley have raised more emotions, sympathy, support and anger than the tragic 2018 Borderlines shooting. With the one-year anniversary approaching, that terrible dark cloud did really have a silver lining, with the community pulling together more than ever before. We can’t bring back the fallen members of our community, but we can console the living, help them materially and help address what happened for lessons learned for the future.

    There have been numerous fundraisers, concerts, vigils, healing sessions and symposia on the Borderlines event since. 

    I had heard about the latest event- scheduled for Sunday, October 6, to benefit the family of first responder Sgt. Ron Helus- who ran toward danger on that fateful night to help those in jeopardy and paid with his life. He is rightly regarded as a hero and martyr. A group called “The Fallen Officers” had arranged a flag football game benefit at Newbury Park High School. They even lined up Rams football players to show up and had already secured donations.

    All that came to an abrupt halt when Thousand Oaks “Police Chief” (actually a Sheriff’s deputy, since Thousand Oaks has no police dept.) Tim Hagel intervened, informing Randall via a phone call, allegedly telling him that the Sheriff would not support his event, would not provide a police color guard and said that elected officials and the Helus family would not come either. Why? Because the event had invited Trump supporters and become too political, he allegedly said. Read event organizer Mike Randall’s press release below for details of what he claims transpired. He claims that Hagel made some really outrageous political comments, such as (S.I.C.):

    Police Chief Tim Hagel’s words, per Mike Randall, event organizer:

    Randall was told by Chief Tim Hagel, “These people do not represent our fabric of our community and nothing good will come out of this event by having them there.” (presumably referring to Scott Baio, Joy Villa and Ronda Baldwin Kennedy)

    “The only thing you could have made this worse was by inviting Dick Cheney or Sara Huckabee Sanders, this is not Trump Country and that slogan making America great again is not popular within 1200 square miles of this event!”

    (Regarding having Joy Villa sing the national anthem):

    “That’s it… this isn’t Trump Territory out here, unfortunately if she does that we wont have any elected officials show.” “It’s either her or no elected officials show! Hagel went on to say “Im looking at her website right now and it starts out with Making America Great and that slogan is not popular for over 1200 square miles around here.” “We would have to put major security teams around here. She is not represented of our ideology of our community” Hagel added. “We don’t want anyone supporting making America great again and just her presence does that.”

    Sheriff Ayub’s office had not responded by our original target press time to emails requesting an interview. Their initial terse press release read only:

    “The ‘Blue Bowl’ event was represented as a charitable flag football tournament to raise funds for the family of Sergeant Ron Helus. An event that would honor Ron’s memory and provide support to his wife Karen and son Jordan. As the event began to materialize, we became concerned with the behavior of some of the organizers of the event. Although I believe the organizers had good intentions, the event was moving in a direction we no longer felt comfortable supporting.”

    But, they put out a much longer, tougher one, when it became apparent that things had spun out of control, with the story going viral, almost without any opposition/their story. Here’s their 10-2-19 response:

    Nature of Incident: Statement From the Sheriff – Charity Event
    Date & Time: October 2, 2019 @ 4 p.m.
    Unit(s) Responsible: Office of the Sheriff

    As the Sheriff of Ventura County, I feel compelled to address my decision to withdraw our participation from the “Blue Bowl” flag football fundraising event that was scheduled to take place this weekend here in Ventura County.The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has worked with hundreds of organizations, businesses, and individuals over the last year to organize and plan successful fundraisers for the Helus family and all the victims of the Borderline tragedy. To date, every event has been successful, lifelong friendships have been established, and people of all faiths and all political views stood hand-inhand because the focus was exactly where it needed to be – on the victims and their families. We will continue to support all of our fallen law enforcement brothers and sisters and their families,as well as all of the victims of tragedies our community has experienced.

    In regards to the “Blue Bowl,” I initially gave my approval for support of the event organized by this out-of-state group. As we drew closer to the actual event, they seemed to become more focused on political agendas, and less and less so on the victims and their families. I felt it was in the best interest of the department, the victims, and our community to not directly participate in the event, which the organizers have since cancelled.

    The event organizers have now launched a vicious and calculated social media campaign against the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office — and specifically against Commander Tim Hagel, who serves as the Chief of Police for the City of Thousand Oaks, as he has done honorably for the past several years. During the past year, since the Borderline crisis, Commander Hagel has been both professionally and personally involved with all those impacted by the Borderline tragedy. He has personally attended every funeral service and been present at virtually every fundraiser. His focus has been and continues to remain on what is best for those impacted by this tragedy and what is best for Ventura County.

    Our focus continues to remain on what is best for the people of Ventura County and those that suffered, during this difficult time. Given the national spotlight focused on this event, Karen Helus, the widow of Sgt. Ron Helus who was killed at the Borderline, and their son, Jordan, have reached out to us and expressed their disappointment over the negative publicity. Here are statements from Karen and Jordan: Statement from Karen Helus:

    As always, thank you for the continued and incredible amount of love shown to me and my family over the last year. I am saddened and disappointed that a charity fundraiser has turned into politically charged national news story. Since the tragic events of last November, I have intentionally avoided relating political causes to the loss of my husband. Unfortunately, the politics surrounding this flag football event turned into a distraction from the cause it was meant to highlight. Since this event has evolved into more about politics and less about our loss, I feel it is important to remind everyone that I have met our President on several occasions and continue to respect and support him due to his unwavering support of my family and all law enforcement. I also want to thank my life long family at the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office for standing by me throughout this past year. They have been with me every step of the way from accompanying me to highly publicized charitable fundraisers to getting my nails done and going to lunch.
    Thank you,
    Statement from Jordan Helus

    Hello All,
    As you are probably well aware, I typically do not speak out on issues, but I feel it is important to do so now. With the recent developments of the Ron Helus Blue Bowl I’d like to clarify a few things from my perspective.

    1: Tim Hagel and the VCSO pulled out of the event due to mutual agreement based on the growing political agendas surrounding the event. He is not a rogue chief of police and he is in no way any of the negative things some members of the community (the one he continues to love and support) are calling him. Knowing him personally, he is a kind hearted man who does not  deserve to be treated in any other fashion as such.

    2: The original intent of the event was to honor those lost at Borderline and have fun with the community in a friendly flag football tournament. As the event has grown in notoriety, the agenda of the event seemed to be changing from honoring the fallen, to becoming a political platform to speak and express personal views. The VCSO has no issue with freedom of speech coming from
    any political affiliation, but the purpose of the event was not to discuss politics on a stage that the deaths of 12 people created.

    3: I have not spoken with the organizers of the Ron Helus Blue Bowl, and I do not believe they had done anything wrong in regards to organizing the event and inviting individuals from a variety of political views, beliefs, and mindsets. In fact, I am very thankful and appreciative of their efforts organizing such a large event. Where they went wrong, was taking conversation between them and the VCSO out of context and try to paint Tim Hagel as the villain. There was no villain. No one was in the wrong. The focus of the event changed and the VCSO no longer wanted to be affiliated with the newly perceived focus of politics. The only wrong done was slander on the part of the organizers.

    As you can tell, I have strong opinions on this and I wish that things could just go back to how they were when the event was first presented. Both my mom and I were very excited and enthusiastic about the idea along with the VCSO, but I personally support their decision to withdraw from the event. That being said, I do not have all the facts and tend to keep a very open mind. My hope is that this was all a huge miscommunication and that the Blue Bowl organizers did not intend for the event to turn into a political stage.

    Prepared by: Sheriff Bill Ayub
    News Release Date: October 2, 2019


    It was in this context, after reading the above,  that I was finally able to reach VC Undersheriff (U.S) Monica McGrath, whom, although she didn’t have first hand knowledge of the fateful  interchange between Tim Hagel and Randall, seemed quite well versed in the situation. She was willing to explore it in some detail with me.

    She related that they had been getting increasingly nervous about the event and finally pulled their support because (summary only):

    1. The Fallen Officers (F.O.) is an out of state organization (Naples, FL) that they didn’t know a lot about
    2. F.O. was very “pushy” and “insistent” on doing the event.
    3. VCSO was not initially aware that they would have speakers. Nothing was ever said about it, she said. Then, F.O started adding speakers and VCSO was nervous about the fact that some were “political”. I asked if speakers/F.O. had said anything political leading up to the event. She said she wasn’t aware of anything, but just the speaker list itself seemed political. She would not address the politics of any individual invitee. When I asked her about Ronda Baldwin Kennedy, she said that she was a “politician” and had run for office, against Jacqui Irwin and was running again next year. I asked her if she thought Kennedy or others would make political speeches and she said that she didn’t know. She expressed concern that the organizers had brought these people in without consulting them, that they saw risk in this and decided not to support the event. She said that they did not cancel it.
    4. I asked if they had given F.O. the option of removing the speakers before withdrawing their support. It didn’t sound like they did, but McGrath did not sound certain. She said Randall threatened a “political nightmare” for them if support was withdrawn. Looks like they made good on that threat, we both agreed.
    5. VCSO not supporting the event, I told her, would virtually doom it, as supporters immediately began pulling out. She didn’t dispute that. We both noted that F.O. said they only “postponed it” and vowed to eventually hold the event.
    6. She said that past Borderlines events just had the sponsor and Sheriff’s office speaking and that they feared that this event could spin out of control, potentially embarrassing them.
    7. I engaged McGrath on the interchange of words (per F.O. event organizer Randall) between Tim Hagel and Mike Randall, which has generated more controversy and anger than any other aspect of this whole affair, due to the over the top highly political comments allegedly made by Hagel. We mutually agreed that it would be difficult to get all those damning quotes right, unless Randall had an outstanding memory, took shorthand, or recorded the call. If he recorded the call surreptitiously and used it, that would be a violation of the law. I asked her if Hagel had in fact made all those statements as Randall had claimed. First she said she didn’t know. When I expressed some skepticism, she said Hagel had said his words were taken out of context. I asked how things were taken out of context, what was distorted and what was missing. She said she didn’t know. I said, well this is political dynamite and that we had to know. I asked her to get back to me with a reconciliation of what Randall claimed vs. what Hagel says took place. I said this should be done quickly, to get out in front and get it over with, so that others do not dictate the narrative. She said there would be an investigation and that if Hagel said anything inappropriate that action would be taken.
    8. VCSO is very concerned about how this has all occurred. McGrath said we’re just police, not politicians- that’s all we want to do. They blame The Fallen Officers group for pushing this on them, the troublesome (to VCSO) roster of speakers, the threat if support was withdrawn and loads of unfavorable publicity when it was. They maintain they they were justified in cutting their risk by pulling support when it became apparent there would be more risk than expected.


    Accusations by F.O. that Hagel and the Sheriff are “racist” because they didn’t want attorney and candidate for office Ronda Baldwin Kennedy there are probably false. They are likely upset about Kennedy’s appearance because it gives a Democrat’s opponent favorable publicity, especially because she is a speaker and Jacqui is not. The accusation that it would “politicize” the event is a stretch unless Kennedy intended to do a stump speech. She is a role model as a black single mother, who against all odds, finished law school, passed the BAR, runs a successful private law practice, raising/raised 6 children and successfully remarried. One would think that the Sheriff would welcome such exemplary and inspiring people.

    The Family

    The Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept sent out a press release, defending their action of non-support of the event, which may doom it. Sadly, they also used Sgt. Helus widow and son Jordan to support their position. Interestingly, their main objection stated was the after the fact reaction by organizer Randall., which only happened after Hagel pulled the department’s support. Read their words in the  VC Sheriff’s 10-2-19 press release, in this article.

    Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin 

    Per the VCStar:

    Jacqui Irwin pulled out of the fundraiser due to what organizers said were political partisan concerns.

    Irwin, D-Thousand Oaks, said she withdrew her support from the event after concluding the organizers’ “self-promotion” was being put ahead of the community.


    Thousand Oaks Mayor Rob McCoy Weighs In

    Thousand Oaks Mayor Rob McCoy issued this letter of full support for Hagel’s position, stressing that he is a Republican in  a nonpartisan office (we hear he may be on FoxNews tonight)….

    I reached McCoy by phone while he was at an event in North Carolina on the afternoon of Oct 2.. He sounded exasperated, since most of his day and probably more previously, had been consumed by this situation. He told me several things, some of which have appeared in none of the Big Media pieces so far:

    1. He supports Hagel’s position completely.
    2. McCoy angrily called organizer Randall a “profiteer” and claimed he had seen the contract, which calls for Randall’s organization “Fallen Officers” to pocket 40% of the NET proceeds of the event. How F.O. proposes to use the 40%  was not covered. Randall had not responded to our phone mail request for an interview by publication time. If we hear from him subsequently, we’ll let you know. Nowhere in any of the F.O./Zore materials did I see any promise that all of the net proceeds would go to the Helus family.
    3. McCoy said that when Helus’ widow heard about it she said she wouldn’t take their money.
    4. When I asked McCoy what Randall had done to “politicize” the event, he asked me have you followed the news, alluding to numerous articles that have come out mostly quoting Randall’s version. But that did not explain how Randall might have politicized the event even before that happened. Randall’s version of what Hagel said indicated that Hagel objected to inviting people who are known Trump supporters, allegedly claiming that this “isn’t MAGA country for 1200 square miles around.”
    5. When I asked McCoy what was wrong with including Ronda Baldwin Kennedy, who is running for office and ran against Jacqui Irwin in 2018, he said candidates should not be invited to events. When I said Jacqui is also a candidate, he said, no, she is representing the office.
    6. McCoy said that they wanted to keep this strictly nonpolitical and had rejected previous event offers from “both left and right,” citing Brady Campaign (a virulently anti-gun organization) as an example.
    7. McCoy’s main objection that “profiteering” was supposedly involved was never addressed in any of the VCSO press releases or Randall’s account of the conversation with Hagel.
    8. McCoy did not deny the highly objectionable political comments supposedly made by Hagel. He said he didn’t witness the conversation and purported not to know Hagel’s version. He did tell me that Hagel is outspoken, or words to that effect. So, it might be troubling to fully support Hagel’s actions if he actually said those things and McCoy is not even sure whether or not he did.
    9. McCoy said he’s determined to keep politics out of VCSO and the event.


    The Fallen Officers group had this message on their web site about the event when we checked on 10-2-19:

    The Blue Bowl Flag Football Tournament is to benefit the families of the fallen. This is a flag football tournament made up of men, woman and children. The Blue Bowl teams are made up local businesses, Families, Co-workers, friends, police officers and residents of the area to come together and unite to show support for Law Enforcement and help the families of our Fallen Officers. Our pre-game memorial usually has local, national leaders and speakers who support Law Enforcement. This is never political. We believe that strengthening local and national leaders is important to help support law enforcement and to unite everyone to get respect back for law enforcement. 

    The Blue Bowl Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament has been postponed. Please check back for future date. The money raised by sponsors, team registrations and donations will go to helping the family of Fallen Officers and The Fallen Officers Foundation. We will have a great pre-memorial service which includes bag pipes, presenting of the colors, moment of silence and a few words from Wayne Bilowit from Governor Newsome’s Office, NFL Agent Leigh Steinberg, Actor Scott Baio, Attorney Ronda Kennedy and our Founder Rosemary Zore. We will present area law enforcement agencies a check, trophy and game ball during this memorial followed by the National Anthem presented by Joy Villa.  We will also have former and current Los Angeles Rams players on site for pictures and autographs. We will also have the Blue Bowl Fan Zone where you can Kick and Throw like the pros.

    Video by Rosemary Zore of Robert L. Zore Foundation,  (parent of “The Fallen Officers” group):



    Press release from The Fallen Officers group:

    September 30, 2019 For More Information Contact
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mike Randall 239-227-9696
    [email protected]

    VENTURA, CA, September 30, 2019. Racism, Politics and abuse of power from local district 44 assembly member Jacqui Irwin and Police Chief Tim Hagel with The Thousand Oaks Police Department “Sacks” Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament for Fallen Officer Ron Helus.

    The Fallen Officers which supports the Robert L Zore Foundation effective today will “Postpone” their Blue Bowl Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament for Fallen Officer Ron Helus due to, “Racism, Politics and abuse of power from Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin District 44 and Thousand Oaks Police Department Police Chief Tim Hagel. They forced us to “Postpone” The Blue Bowl Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament” Mike Randall VP for the Fallen Officers stated.An event that was scheduled for October 6, 2019 and was approved and supported by Ventura Sheriffs Office and The Helus Family has been in the works for over 6 months. “A Non Political event for a Fallen Officer and Hero Ron Helus turned to Racism, Politics and abuse of Power by Jaqui Irwin and Chief Tim Hagel.” Mike

    Randall added.

    On September 16, 2019 the Fallen Officers received a phone call from Thousand Oaks Police Chief Tim Hagel concerned with certain speakers for the memorial of the event. Keep in mind we had on the site Speaker-Wayne Billowit, Public Safety Liaison For Governor Gavin Newsom, Speaker-Jaqui Irwin District 44 Assembly Member, Speaker- Leigh Steinberg NFL Agent, Speaker-Scott Baio- Actor who was added to the website August 24th, National Anthem Singer- Joy Villa who was added August 4th to the website. Speaker Ronda Kennedy was added to the site on September 14, 2019.

    There was never an issue with Wayne Billowit, Leigh Steinberg at any conversation. There was never an issue with Joy Villa who was on our site since August 4th, Scott Baio who was on our site since August 24th, but there sure was an issue with Ronda Kennedy who was added to our site on September 14, 2019. We added Ronda Kennedy because she was an attorney and African American who supports Law Enforcement and The Fallen Officers. Considering the area only has 1.8% African Americans we wanted to help bridge the gap between the African American community and law enforcement. We believe that strengthening local and national leaders is important to help support law enforcement and to unite everyone to get respect back for law enforcement.

    According to the event producer, Michael Randall, Ayub and Irwin were encouraged to pull out by Thousand Oaks Police Chief Tim Hagel, who had called Randall to complain about the event becoming “too political.” Randall was told by Chief Tim Hagel, “These people do not represent our fabric of our community and nothing good will come out of this event by having them there.” Chief Hagel went on to say that he will tell Sheriff Ayub the same statement, “Nothing good will come out of this event.” Chief Hagel went on say “The only thing you could have made this worse was by inviting Dick Cheney or Sara Huckabee Sanders, this is not Trump Country and that slogan making America great again is not popular within 1200 square miles of this event!”

    On Monday September 16, Randall received a text from Chief Hagel stating he was in a meeting and told him to contact him due to serious issues with our event. When Randall called Chief Hagel, he went on to say that he had information from Assembly Member Jaqui Irwin’s office about some of our speakers and singer. He went on to say “Rumor has it that a controversial Gal is singing the National Anthem there, Why is Joy Villa Controversial?” and went on to say “I don’t know who she is but she is controversial.” “Fill me in why she is controversial?” Randall said “I didn’t know that Joy Villa was controversial.” Randall did say “I think she supports President Trump” and that’s when Chief Hagel said “That’s it… this isn’t Trump Territory out here, unfortunately if she does that we wont have any elected officials show.” “It’s either her or no elected officials show! Hagel went on to say “Im looking at her website right now and it starts out with Making America Great and that slogan is not popular for over 1200 square miles around here.” “We would have to put major security teams around here. She is not represented of our ideology of our community” Hagel added. “We don’t want anyone supporting making America great again and just her presence does that.” Chief Hagel went on to say “let me just cut to the chase…I don’t think anyone will come if she (Joy Villa) shows and this will be the “Joy Villa Show.” Randall added “So what you are saying if she does sing that no elected officials or Sheriff Ayub will not be there?” Chief Hagel added, “I will be with the Sheriff later today but I don’t want you to use this as a political agenda against us.” Randall added “You Chief Hagel and Jaqui Irwin have made this political not us.”
    Randall went on to say “This isn’t political.” Chief Hagel went on to say you have another “gal” speaking who ran a “Bloody” campaign against Jacqui Irwin. He went on to say “there is one that is a nemeses of Jaqui Irwin and he would get that information from Jacqui Irwins office.” Randall tried to convey that our events have never been political and even told Chief Hagel who was never in the main meeting with the family and assistant Chief to go to our website and check it out. “People like Joy Villa is not the fabric of our community” Hagel said.  “She is not represented of our community.” Chief Hagel added. Chief Hagel then asked about actor Scott Baio. Randall went on to say “Actor Scott Baio will be speaking because he supports law enforcement. Hagel said
    “yes they mentioned him too, does he belong to any right wing groups?” Randall said “I don’t know what you mean about Right Wing Groups but I think he is republican.” Hagel said “Yes he wont work either.” “Hagel kept bringing up President Trump. Randall added, “this isn’t a President Trump event.” “This is a Fallen Officer event  that has no political mentions at all” Randall added. “ We were told by Chief Hagel that he would be with the Sheriff all day and would get back in touch with us. The next day September 17, 2019 we received another text from Chief Hagel to contact him. We did and he told us did you cancel everyone out? We told him not yet because we were waiting on what Sheriff Ayub said. Chief Hagel went on say “If they are at the event….we wont be!” He then wen’t on to say that he would be with the Sheriff again all day and be in touch. Later that night we received a text saying “Mike- I’ve spoken at length with the Sherif and I think we’re going to
    respectfully have to pull out of this event.” Randall and Zore called right away and asked why they were pulling and it was because of the 3 figures noted in this press release. Randall asked Chief Hagel “So no support, No Honor Guard” Chief Hagel stated “yes we are not supporting anything, we wont be there and either will the family.” When Randall pushed back and said “Your making a big mistake” Chief Hagel Hung up. Randall texted back to the chief to call him back twice and no response.

    The story is that a local district 44 assembly member Jaqui Irwin used her office and influence to get with Chief Hagel of The Thousand Oaks Police Department to disrupt and cancel this event. Mentioning Singer Joy Villa and Actor Scott Baio was just a smoke screen. They did not want Ronda Kennedy there and grouped them all together. We believe this is not only about politics but racism as well. Why never a question about Joy Villa? Why never a question on Scott Baio? Not till Ronda Kennedy was added to the speaker list and website on September 14th and Jaqui Irwin saw this did she contact Chief Tim Hagel! They made this political and brought racism into an event that which was never about Politics or Race!

    The Fallen Officers have spent over 5k of their own money on this event. They have sponsors and teams which total as of date $7,800.00. Since the Ventura Sheriff’s Office pulled out and contacted sponsors, teams and speakers that the event was canceled, The Fallen Officers lost an additional $7,200 in donations. With the $7,200 plus the $7,8000, The Fallen Officers would have had $15,000.00, plus would have had the opportunity for more teams, sponsors and donations possibly coming in if they would have not pulled out. With the minus of expenses the Helus Family would have received over $6,000.00 plus there would have been a $1,000.00 College Scholarship presented to an applicant in honor Of Ron Helus. So for anyone thinking that The Fallen
    Officers were out for money, the foundation would have netted around $3,000.00 for their foundation for over 6 months of work on this event. So instead of doing the right thing for a Fallen Officer a true Hero, Jaqui Irwin, Chief Tim Hagel and Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub decided not to do the right thing.

    We have left several messages for Sheriff Ayub since speaking to the Sheriff on Saturday September 21, 2019. We have not heard back from the Sheriff even though he told us he would get back with us. We requested a meeting to fix this, we sent emails and left several messages and still as of the date of this press release the Sheriff has not returned our call or answered our emails.

    So effective today Monday September 30, 2010 we have decided to “Postpone” the Blue Bowl Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament and refund the sponsors and teams who supported this great cause and we thank them for their continued support not only for our foundation but their support for law enforcement. We also ask and demand the resignations effective immediately from Jacqui Irwin and Chief Tim Hagel. “We will not sit back and allow racism, politics and bullying tactics come into an event for a Fallen Officer” Randall added. “We regret that this event which was accepted by the Ventura Sheriff’s Office and the family had to be “Postponed” today due to the corruption of offices of Jaqui Irwin and Chief Hagel bringing their racist and political policies into this
    event” Randall added.

    The Blue Bowl Flag Football Tournament is to benefit the families of the fallen. This is a flag football tournament made up of men, woman and children. The Blue Bowl teams are made up local businesses, families, coworkers, friends, police officers and residents of the area to come together and unite to show support for Law Enforcement and help the families of our Fallen Officers. Our pre-game memorial usually has local, national leaders and speakers who support Law Enforcement. This is never political. We believe that strengthening local and national leaders is important to help support law enforcement and to unite everyone to get respect back for law enforcement.

    The Fallen Officers which supports the Robert L. Zore Foundation honorably supports the families and departments of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty across the United States.

    Rosemary Zore was only 7 years old when she lost her father Robert L. Zore a Miami Police Officer on Christmas Day 1983. Rosemary always wanted to do something to not only honor her late father but to also help other families all over the country that have also lost a loved one in the line of duty.

    Officer Robert L. Zore was killed in the line of duty on December 25, 1983. His life and legacy inspired his only child to create the Robert L. Zore Foundation and The Fallen Officers. Rosemary Zore believes that when a police officer gives his or her life for our community, the least we can do is to honor that ultimate sacrifice by caring for his or her family and children. The Robert L. Zore and Fallen Officers is a registered 501.3c not for profit organization which will host Blue Bowl co-ed flag football tournaments between police officers, former and Current NFL Players and local leaders around the country to raise money for the fallen officer’s families. We also believe that these events “unite” the community with law enforcement to gain respect back for the law. We also support our foundation by holding annual events such as our concerts, The Blues For The Blue and Boots For Badges and our National Mission 2244 Gala.


    See our newer article:

    Some Other Press coverage

    George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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    2 years ago

    Tha’s rather hypocritical, since no one said anything about the far left, Trump hatetrs who have sung at Borderline and fires events.

    Democrats were invited too, including the far left Julia Brownley, who is calling for an illegal form of impeachment and has supported many unconstitutional bills.

    Irwin engaged in an abusive, corrupt, political power play in squeeezing the hapless police chief, who was in way over his head.

    Citizen Oaks
    Citizen Oaks
    2 years ago

    Whoever invited Baio and Joy Villa are the ones to blame here. These two “celebs” are clearly instigators in politics. How much press did Baio get during the 2016 election? Remember that? Very polarizing. Whoever invited them did it with a political purpose and they should be ashamed.

    The Sheriff called it out, maybe unprofessionally, if that account is to be believed.

    The whole thing is a blight on our community. Thanks for that.

    2 years ago

    Hegel is a disgrace to his uniform !!
    Irwin is also a political hack! May they both harvest rocks and thorns for what they did!

    Mark Savalla
    Mark Savalla
    2 years ago

    George, outstanding, fair and detailed reporting. Sounds like the VCSO, acted in a a professional and reasonable manner.

    Robert Worthley
    Robert Worthley
    2 years ago

    Excellent journalism. George. Chief Hagel might answer two questions:
    1. Did he, in fact, show disrespect to all Republicans with generalized statements of opinion … not fact?
    2. Was Assembly Member Irwin in on the decision to withdraw support for the event?

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago

    Another connection between The Sheriff’s Department are the Union dues that are used to elect politicians at the local and State level.

    How much had washing is done to benefit both unions and politicians?

    c e voigtsberger
    c e voigtsberger
    2 years ago

    I cannot understand why so many fund raisers are held for fallen safety members. Their workers compensation benefits far exceed the workers compensation benefits for other classes of workers who are killed in the course and scope of their employment.

    All the hoopla surrounding such deaths would lead the average reader to believe that the widow and children are cast adrift without a dime to their name. Those days are long gone. When I worked at the Industrial Accident Commission more than fifty years ago the benefits were quite generous for survivors of safety members. A safety member who died of a heart attack while mowing his lawn on a hot summer afternoon in San Bernardino was presumed to have suffered that heart attack as a result of his work activities even if he smoked like a chimney and was fifty pounds overweight. While I haven’t kept current with the workers compensation benefits currently accruing to safety members, I hardly doubt they have regressed in recent years.

    While I can’t cite chapter and verse of the safety members retirement package, considering how generous the retirement package is, it stretches my credulity that somehow the benefits of the retirement package ceased upon the death of the safety member.

    Everything considered, workers compensation benefits and retirement plan benefits, it seems to me that financially, the widow and minor children of a safety member who dies in the course and scope of his employment is more than satisfactorily compensated.

    Now I realize that many states may not have the generous benefits package that California safety members have and so in those states, such fund raisers may well be appropriate, especially in those locales where fire protection is rendered by volunteers who perform fire fighting services as a part of what they consider their civic duty and are not reimbursed for their services. Indeed, their services as volunteer fire fighters might well void their regular life insurance policies as uninsured, unnecessary risk. In those cases, civic fund raising would be the minimum the community could do for the fire fighters surviving dependents.

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago

    There may be a point here. There’s a difference between showing due respect for Safety Officers and creating unnecessary funding.

    Bill Spangler
    Bill Spangler
    2 years ago

    I suspect most of what has been published about Irwin and Hagel is accurate and I think they should be held accountable. However, if the Foundation takes 40% of the donations that is also very bothersome. Is this accurate? And if so, how do they justify it?

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago
    Reply to  Bill Spangler

    It is possible that the 40% goes to sustain support for future events, but I’m no authority on the subject.

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago

    Well researched George.

    IF, The Thousand Oaks Acorn did not misrepresent Sheriff Hagel, he admitted he said…”This is not Trump Country.” I would say this was not a wise thing for him to say when it is likely that at least 40% of the people in Conejo Valley are republicans.

    His statement should not cost him his job, but it does put into question….Who actually made this “POLITICAL.”