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    Ventura County Science Fair Winners Announced

    News Release

    Do tortoises have a favorite color? Is car exhaust damaging to plants? Do insects get lonely? These are some of the intriguing questions explored by students who entered the 67th annual Ventura County Science Fair.

    The Science Fair was held virtually last Friday, with 230 students from 17 local middle and high schools presenting their projects to volunteer judges via online video. The 35 projects that received the highest scores will go on to represent Ventura County in the California Science & Engineering Fair on April 12. A list of the winners with links to their display boards and written reports is provided below.

    About the Ventura County Science Fair

    With categories from animal sciences to physics, the Ventura County Science Fair is designed to promote and reward the achievements of our students in various scientific fields. By developing skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, students are laying the groundwork for their future success.

    The Science Fair brings together students, teachers and scientists from around Ventura County to give students an awareness of the importance of science in their lives and to cultivate their interest in scientific careers. The Science Fair enhances students’ scientific knowledge and research skills, reinforces science content standards for California public schools, and recognizes outstanding student achievement. It also motivates students to undertake and complete scientific inquiries in their particular areas of interest.

    More information about the Ventura County Science Fair is available on the VCOE website at

    The projects below are the Overall Top 35 Projects in the 2022 Ventura County Science Fair and are eligible to move on to the California Science & Engineering Fair.

    Student Grade School Project DISPLAY REPORT VIDEO  
    Ellie A. 10 Ventura High School  How Can We Use Blood Patterns to Solve a Crime DISPLAY REPORT    
    Jordan A., Lily K. and Sydney M. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Investigating the Changes of pH and other nutrients in the soil surrounding the Santa Susana Field Laboratory DISPLAY REPORT    
    Laine B. and Connor H. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Evaluating the effectiveness of installing solar panels at Thousand Oaks High School to provide a cooling system for the gym. DISPLAY REPORT    
    Andrew B. and Oliver H. 12 Thousand Oaks High School The effect of bracketing on wood buildings faced with large lateral loading compared to shear walls DISPLAY REPORT    
    Chloe B. and Brooklyn K. 10 Ventura High School Does Diet Effect Your Mental Health DISPLAY REPORT    
    Julia B. 10 Ventura High School Does Hydrolyzed Spider Silk Heal Wounds Faster than Non-Hydrolyzed Spider Silk? DISPLAY REPORT    
    April B. and Nicola H. 10 Ventura High School How Does an Increased Amount of Ballet Training Desensitize the Brain to Dizziness? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Delaney B. 8 Los Cerritos Middle School The Truth About Microplastics DISPLAY REPORT    
    Caleb C., Cade H. and Kendall H. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Methods of Yeast Proofing That can be Utilized to Provide a Similar Result to the Process of Cold Fermentation in Pizza Dough DISPLAY REPORT    
    Sean C. and Turner H. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Investigating the Feasibility of Aerogel in Extreme Heat Conditions DISPLAY REPORT    
    Manuel C. 6 Santa Clara Elementary School Fast Food Fast Mold DISPLAY      
    Maja D. 10 Ventura High School Is It Possible To Develop A Flashlight That Operates Exclusively On Body Heat? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Bea D. 8 St. Rose of Lima School Astonishing Antibiotics DISPLAY REPORT    
    Rebecca F. 10 Ventura High School How Does Our Emotional State Affect Memories? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Brandon G. 8 Briggs School How Do Earthquakes Affect Buildings?   REPORT    
    Bertha G. and Angel M. 9 Hueneme High School Diaper vs Price DISPLAY REPORT    
    Kaya H. 6 Santa Clara Elementary School Gases Harmful or Helpful ? DISPLAY   VIDEO  
    Nicholas K. 8 Los Cerritos Middle School The Effects Synthesized Sounds Have on Human Emotion DISPLAY REPORT VIDEO  
    Ayushi K. 8 Los Cerritos Middle School Glaciers Melt Faster than Paint Dries: Here’s the Problem DISPLAY REPORT    
    Marta K. 8 Los Cerritos Middle School Clothing, Generation, and Biases DISPLAY REPORT    
    Mia K. 10 Ventura High School How Do Different Amounts of Homework Affect Students’ Mental Health DISPLAY REPORT    
    Sai R.K. 11 Adolfo Camarillo High School Effects of Isolation on Social Insects DISPLAY REPORT    
    Katherine K. 11 Santa Susana High School Mitigating the Negative Mental Health Effects of Climate Change DISPLAY REPORT    
    Valerie L. 10 Ventura High School How do Bacterial Infections Affect the Human Body? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Mitchell N. 6 Santa Clara Elementary School Mask Mystery DISPLAY REPORT    
    Hyungwoo N. 12 The Thacher School Development of Orange Peel-Based Bioplastic Structure to Restore Damaged Soil Ecosystem Caused by Wildfires and Verification of Its Effectiveness using Novel Deep Learning Program AIPEB DISPLAY REPORT VIDEO  
    Parker P. 9 Ventura High School How Does Climate Change Affect Local Plants and Animals? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Katelyn S.M. and Lorelei S.M. 12 Golden Valley Charter School Studying the Role of Peer Opinion on Exam Results and Academic Performance DISPLAY REPORT    
    Kaitlyn S. 10 Ventura High School What Are Different People’s Emotional Responses To Stress In Different Situations? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Anushka S. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Moringa oleifera Seed DISPLAY REPORT    
    Daniel S. 10 Ventura High School The Hyperloop: A Proof of Concept of the Future of Transportation DISPLAY REPORT    
    Eric S. 11 Royal High School Simi Valley Water Analysis DISPLAY REPORT    
    Saiya S. 10 Ventura High School What percent of individuals recycle? DISPLAY REPORT    
    Aleksey Y. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Analyzing Player Need Satisfaction in Wordle: A Pilot Survey on Video Game Aspects DISPLAY REPORT    
    Tianyang Y., Rose W. and David Z. 12 Thousand Oaks High School Predicting Wildfire Risk in Southern California Using Machine Learning Algorithms DISPLAY REPORT  


    About the Ventura County Office of Education

    The Ventura County Office of Education provides a broad array of fiscal, training and technology support services to local school districts, helping to maintain and improve lifelong educational opportunities for children, educators and community members. VCOE also operates schools that serve students with severe disabilities and behavioral issues, provides career education courses, and coordinates countywide academic competitions including Mock Trial and the Ventura County Science Fair. Learn more at:


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