My Mother’s Turkey with Stuffing–easiest holiday recipe ever!



My mother couldn’t cook.  Everyone in the family knew it, and most of the neighborhood kids, who made every effort to avoid eating at our house.  But the one thing that lady could make was Thanksgiving turkey.  Now her recipe is just as easy as when she devised a way to cheat fate and actually cook something eatable.

So here it is, drumroll please…or maybe make that a drumstick.



Toasted egg bread, ten to 12 slices (Ralphs and Alberstons both carry it)

One can Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (If it’s a big turkey and you have more toast, use another can, just don’t let it get mushy.  Mushy isn’t a good thing.)


Pour the soup over the toasted bread and use a chopper to pulverize and mix (very good for getting out aggression)



A Turkey (really you will need one)

Garlic Salt and Paprika

Equal parts Orange Juice and Melted Butter


Season turkey with garlic salt and paprika. 

Put stuffing in turkey cavity and place in Oven Roasting Bag

Put Orange Juice and Butter in bag.

Coat turkey and seal bag.

Cook per Oven Roasting Bag instructions.

The Turkey will be juicy, tangy, the stuffing divine.  If my mother could make it, anyone can.


And why not whip up some pumpkin goodies with recipes from Ms. Marty Williams:

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Bread


Happy Thanksgiving from Citizens Journal!


Have a favorite recipe? Old family secret?  Share it with us!

Please send to: [email protected]

We’ll be in the kitchen waiting.

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William "Bill" Hicks

We must have had similar Mothers. She could take the best ingredients, and she would pay Gelson’s prices, and turn them into something similar to what you’d expect from an Army Mess Hall; all nutritious, but totally inedible. And don’t get me going with her gravy. To this day, I can’t stand any light colored gravy because she never thoroughly mixed the flour. It would be so bad that if you dared to put her gravy on your thanksgiving meal beware that puffs of flour would eventually come out your mouth.

William "Bill" Hicks

I had to share this with my Daughters.